James Butte
English 010 – 3:00

Raised Into Racing

I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was 3 years old. I grew up looking up to my older friends that were really good at it and I wanted to be good at it and fast just like they were.

My dad taught me everything he could teach me and I kept practicing everything I knew. I would ride with my friends and watch what they did, and how they did it, eventually I was getting faster and faster. At age 7 I entered my first Motocross race.

Once I started racing I started to get trained by professionals, and personal trainers. A couple years ago I found a trainer that really helped me more than any other. My trainer really helped me in my turns. This is one of the best places to gain positions, time and speed. “Look through the turn. Don’t look directly in front of where you’re going, look at where you want to go, at the end of the corner.” This completely changed how I viewed racing and changed my riding style. I got really fast, comfortable, and competitive to other racers where I got my name out there and started getting sponsors, and winning races. One of my biggest accomplishments was racing in the Angel Stadium for the Monster Energy Supercross – Amateur Day, Qualifying to race at Loretta lynn’s in Tennessee, and racing at the Mammoth Motocross.

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Photo by Daniel on Pexels.com