Anything is obtainable you just have to come up with a plan. You want to be a straight-A student study more, want to be good at a sports practice it that simple. A big problem for most people is being broke. There are multiple reasons for people not having money nowadays, reason like bills and jobs are the major reason and people sometimes can’t overcome those circumstances. The ones who don’t have that problem have no excuse. A lot of people complain that there always broke but won’t change their habits. They spend their money on things they don’t really need like going out to eat, jewelry and expensive clothes. Then when they truly need something they don’t have the funds. When I was a child my parents would buy almost anything I wanted clothes, shoes and fast food but they would always hesitate when it came to video games. They would only buy games for me on special days like birthdays and Christmas. One day I wanted a Pokémon Emerald video game, but my mom said I’m not paying for that with my money. You see I really wanted this game all my friends at school had one I had no choice but to do it myself. I had to come up with a plan because if not I wasn’t going to have that game until Christmas, it was March. My dad would give me money for lunch every day. So I decided to put up half of that money for saving. I would do extra chores for money from my mom. While all this was going on I was learning how to save. Learning that I don’t need to spend money on items I don’t need like candy and snacks. Since I wasn’t spending money on junk food I was losing weight too so this was a win, win situation. I realize too that it was going to take sacrifice in order to gain so that meant I could get certain things. That something I think most people at that age don’t realize until later in life so I think I was getting a head start. I had a plan which was to save money for a video and I was going to accomplish it. As the time went on my piggy bank was getting heavy like a bodybuilder during blocking season. Mom my asked me one day “where do you get all that money from”. I told her that I saved it all. My mother was so impressed she made a deal with me, the deal was that if I saved up 40 more dollars she’ll pay for half. Obviously, 40 dollars is not a lot of money, but for a 9-year-old that’s a lot of money. As the time went on I saved even more and then my dad saw how much money I was saving. He stopped giving me money for school lunch because I had so much. I had no choice but to double down on chores and weekend fun money. Finally, at the end of the month, I had the money and was about to buy the game. When I bought the game I felt so accomplished I saved, I did it myself. At school, I was able to my game with my friends at recess. I had a deep appreciation for that game because I worked hard to get it. I would play that game every chance I got, you can say I got my monies worth. Even after I bought the game I would continue to save now I would always have money. I learned the more you saved the more your money will grow. I learned that being cheap and frugal is a good thing not a bad. People at my age now don’t even know how to save, they spend their money the first chance they get. If it wasn’t for my childhood lesson, I would be the same way. Don’t go and spend all of your paychecks at once, put some money way to the side. For myself now if I want something I look ahead and put money away for that item without breaking the bank. Being finical savvy is part of being an adult. There are full grown adults who are bad with money and do not know how to manage. Millionaires such as athletes and lottery winners are quick to go broke because they gained all this money but still have their old habits. Even throughout high school, I was learning how to save in the classroom and my home life. At school there was a class called living on your own that would teach students the aspects of becoming adults, money management was one of the topics. In high school for a year I lived with my best friend, his parents were very well off. They would like the most modest and cheap lifestyle. At first, I was confused by asking myself why do you have all this money and drive old cars, shop at discount stores and Aldi’s. Then I realized that how they saved by not shopping at expensive places and driver the most luxurious cars. They showed me things like stocks, bonds, and savings accounts. This made me more intrigued with saving and learning how to be financially savvy. Learning about money will help you make money. Even the famous rapper 21 Savage teamed up with NBC News to have a special segment on saving and money trips. He said, “everyone in their life at one point is going a substantial amount of money that could change their financial stability it’s up to them on how he or she wants to use it”. He decided to trade his chains for bonds and business ventures. In closing I want everyone to know that if a 9-year-old could figure out how to save so can an adult. So the next time you think about spending your money on unnecessary items think about saving it.FBG_Big_Bank_Take_Little_Bank-front-large