Library Research Notes

Today we are meeting in the Crafton Library computer room.

Librarian Krista Ivy will be teaching us how to research.

In the Crafton Hills website go to the library link.

Crafton Hills Library Databases

You can search for books, ebooks, reference books, and articles.

Use the EBSCO Academic Search Complete database under interdisciplinary section

For the report, you are supposed to find five sources to help you understand your topic. Three of those must be academic.

Check the Report prompt for the full guidelines.

Find your keywords to search effectively in the databases.

Example topic: the rising costs of textbooks

Keywords: textbooks, cost, price, course reserves

Search the keywords you came up with for your topic.

Limit the results to full texts and scholarly.

Can also limit the results to current publication date, depending on your topic.

Boolean Terms

Use the Boolean search terms to help narrow your search results


Read the abstract, summary, and/or introduction of the article you are considering to see if it is useful and relevant to what you are researching.

Find one article and email it to yourself.


  • One academic article. You need three for the assignment.
  • One Credo Reference encyclopedia article.


Email yourself at least one article to read. Your homework is to find your sources and read them for next class.

Report Proposal

A proposal is a text that proposes a research assignment. It is a plan or suggestion for your report assignment. It is meant to help you start thinking and planning for your essay. Answer the questions below to let me know what it is you are going to be researching.

This is a great place to ask a question if you have one.

Make sure you are annotating your articles as you read so that you can easily find quotes and sections to include in your analysis paper.

Questions to answers in your proposal:

  1. What is your topic?
  2. Why are you writing about this? Why does it interest you?
  3. What do you know about the topic already?
  4. What research have you found so far?
  5. What is your research question?