Chips and Salsa

Don’t you hate it when you have too much of one and not enough of the other? There has to be the appropriate amount of chips to salsa for it to work, to taste good.

Or Thinking Rhetorically.

Midterm Project

80 Points Possible

  • 50 for Article Post
  • 30 for Presentation

Topic: Diversity and Challenges

In groups of one to three, locate one article, video, song, TED talk, or ???. Get creative on the texts. You will write a summary of the article (300 to 500 words) and write a post with a link to the text. You will also come up with one to two discussion questions to get the class talking about the article.

The presentation is four to five minutes in length. Explaining what the article is about.

DUE 10/31/2018 Wednesday

Chp 6 Skeptics May Object

Chapter 6 introduces a different sort of “they say”: the naysayer. The naysayer, or counterargument, appears after the conversation and after you have made some points. Including what the objections might be helps you make a more thorough point and adds credibility to the writing.

Be careful to treat the objection carefully and fairly. Do not present a weak argument or a simplification of it because that can lead to a number of fallacies including the Strawman fallacy.


The book offers suggestions for including the Naysayer or Skeptic.

  • Anticipate Objections
  • Entertain Objections in your own writing.
  • Name the Naysayers.
  • Introduce objections formally or informally
  • Represent Objections Fairly
  • Answer Objections
  • Make concessions and stand your ground.