In Mychal Smith’s article “Colin Kaepernick’s protest might be unpatriotic. And that’s just fine” Mychal speaks on the real reasons Colin Kaepernick took a knee that day during the national anthem. For Liberty and Justice for ‘all’. In Colin Kaepernick’s own words, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” With President Donald Trump downplaying it as only utter disrespect to our troops and our Nation as well, we as citizens separated the real reasons as to why Colin Kaepernick did it in the first place. Colin Kaepernick wanted to shine a light on all the police brutalities that have been going on every day in our country as well as the many other injustices that happen to people of color in this nation. While many others stood in support, or rather I should say kneed in support with Colin, it is Colin Kaepernick who is still left without a job. He is currently awaiting trial for challenging in collusion of grievance against the NFL. Many call Kaepernick’s kneeling to be unpatriotic and refer to this as ‘Anthem Protests’. Though the time and place were chosen deliberately, Mychal believes the flag and the anthem are not the reasons for the protest, but the symbolism the flag and anthem represent. Colin believes his actions by kneeling that day was the start to bringing a light upon injustices everywhere in our country. Even if it meant knowing he would be seen as an outcast or someone who disrespects America. In Mychal Smith’s words, “The protest does not need to be recast as patriotic. Patriotism is not higher virtue than justice.”

Yet what Colin Kaepernick did could be known as patriotic as he fights for citizens of this nation who battle diversity on a daily basis.


  1. Should NFL players take the kneel?
  2. What would be a better way for Colin Kaepernick to protest to get his point across world-wide?
  3. Do you believe Colin Kaepernick is being blacklisted by the NFL?



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