Heather MacDonald is speaking at Hillsdale College in Michigan and begins by saying she has had minorities at many colleges storm the stage during her speech, walkout and even block the entrance of where she was scheduled to speak. Her theory is the “ideology of victimhood” among minorities in the United States is outrageous and rampant. She speaks of the “victims of oppression” acting out and stating they “fear for their lives” exaggerating the struggle among minorities of a broad spectrum. There is an expanding number of classifications that is creating a hysteria and saturation of self-pity. She feels that the colleges are suffering due to changing laws and policies on accepting and recruiting students because they are restricted to keeping the campus diverse instead of basing acceptance on qualifications. The administration in these colleges condone and even encourage this behavior with awards and thanking the demonstrators for standing up to the “society norm.” They have created bias response teams to address issues that may arise on campus. Reading material is being questioned based on the authors race or gender not the material it discusses. Music composer schedules are being targeted ensuring there is a diverse gender hired to perform. She states all the famous composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven were all white males, “get over it.” Every facet of our society is now in the “victimologist crosshairs” because of this mentality and it needs to be “nipped in the butt.”  Newsrooms, authors and Hollywood are under a scope and have to diversify even with unqualified candidates to ensure they won’t be called racist. This “narcissistic delusion” is going to prevent the success of our future because we are giving in to this movement that is unhealthy for talented minorities that may not get a job because of their identity. This so called “delusion” on the social outcry and overdramatization of the fact that minorities have taken it too far. This affects many facets of the world including media, workplace, colleges, and music. Minorities have the upper hand and exploit their struggles resulting in the exclusion of majority groups from even being considered. The fallout from such displays of ridiculousness sheds light on a problem that isn’t as big as they make it seem.




Do you agree with all or part of her theory?

Does her theory incite hate toward minority groups?