In the article “ Differences in Mental Health Outcomes among Whites, African Americans, and Hispanics Following a Community Disaster.” A case study using 2,180 people was done in NYC after the 9/11 terrorist attack to see the effects of mental health issues regarding race and ethnic groups. This included a diverse range of gender, age (18+) and races including white, black, Dominican, Puerto Rican and other Hispanic groups. It was a year long study to look into if ethnic minority’s have poorer mental mental health realitive to whites. Taking a look into four major mental health issues, including post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD), depression, anxiety, along with general/ physical health. Also taking into consideration educational and marital status, income, immigration status, church attendance along with past health issues.  They found that minorities did not have a greater chance of having PTSD but would have more severe symptoms compared to the whites. They also found that ethnic minorities were more likely to report negative life events but receive lower levels of social support for these instances than whites. Also finding that African Americans and Puerto Rican’s are twice as likely to meet criteria for panic attack’s than whites, African Americans are subjected to discriminalization and marginalization, this study shows that pherhaps this is why they are more vulnerable to panic attacks.  In the (2001 Noris, Perilla and Murphy) cases study using whites in Florida and Mexicans from Mexico and how they mentally respond to natural disasters like hurricans. They argue that Hispanics in general acknowledge their symptoms as personal shortcomings and failing. However there is little support to show that Latinos and African Americans suffer worse mental health than whites especially following tramatic events.

Dissusion question

If no one ethnic group is more prone to mental health disorders, then why it it more socially and culturally acceptable for whites to express these health concerns more easily than minorities.

How can we make minorities feel safe to express their mental health issues.