THe article starts off as Fr.Bryan Massingale starts to walk into a makeshift church in Tukana, that was filled with the odar of goat dung and swarms of flies. Holding in his gagging he realizes that he has come to baptize people who have walked over 2 hours just to be in a shack among sheep. He then realizes what it’s like to be among the flock as he’s praying for grace to hold on.

Father massingale then relates his experience of his thoughts of these people to how the church can view homosexuals. He recalls the decision by the united states conference of catholic bishops to force over 70 clerics to resign due to their sexual orientation.

“The Catholic Church’s treatment of LGBT persons has become, especially for Millennial Catholics, a litmus test for its ethical credibility and moral authority. Church documents speak about LGBT persons. But no official statement or outreach begins by speaking with them and engaging their experiences or those of their families.”

Fr.MAssingale also points out that pope Francis tends to be criticized because of his action of ‘smelling like the sheep’ especially when referring to homosexuals, who ARE NOT A SENSITIVE SUBJECT TO POPE FRANCIS.

He continues by saying if we can be there for the struggling women who just wish to be a part of Christ and the church, can we be there for the homosexuals who are still seeking Christ, through their struggles, journeys, and ways, much as he ignored and prayed for grace through the baptism of the women though the church was a shack that was filled with caca. Although impure, Christ is still sought.



why do you think the church itself is hard to accept LGBT community members, if our pope has no problem?


What makes the homosexual different than one on birth control, one who discriminates and anyone else whos sins are not as criticized?