Argument Reflection

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Quick Write

What is activism? What are modern protests that you can think of?

Gladwell “Small Change”

Malcolm Gladwell “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” (399)

Gladwell discusses the arguments promoting social media as a key component in social activism starting in paragraph 7. He says, “The new tools of social media have reinvented social activism. With Facebook and Twitter and the like, the traditional relationship between political authority and popular will has been upended, making it easier for the powerless to collaborate, coordinate, and give a voice to their concerns.” He discusses revolutions in Moldova and Iran and quotes a former senior State Department official who believes social media can be used to fight terrorism. He brings up these opposing views (his “they say”) after an extended description of the Woolworth’s lunch counter sit-ins. He begins to refute these views in paragraph 8.

2/2/60 Greensboro, N.C.: A group of Negro students from North Carolina A&T College, who were refused service at a luncheon counter reserved for white customers, staged a sit-down strike at the F.W. Woolworth store in Greensboro 2/2. Ronald Martin, Robert Patterson and Mark Martin are shown as they stayed seated throughout the day. The white woman at left came to the counter for lunch but decided not to sit down.
woolworths sit in
Sit-in participants are bullied and have food and drinks dumped on them.

Intro to Review

A review, or evaluation, combines the skills of close critical reading with the skills of argument. Evaluations are very common in the real world. Someone is always ready to tell us what could be done differently, or better. An evaluation is a researched argument, mainly focusing on a small range of primary texts: a movie, a book, a short story, a TV show, a product, a text, a painting, a picture, etc. An evaluation offers a judgment, after a close critical reading. The criteria for this judgment should be fleshed out with support and evidence drawn from the primary texts. Evaluations are fun to read and write. They can be contentious and are often inflected with personal opinion.

We evaluate, or review, everything from pizza, restaurants, movies, and even professors. Commentary and criticism of all sorts just happen. Doing them well is another matter.

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  • 1,000+ Words
  • 1+ Images
  • 1-2 Primary texts
  • 1-2 Scholarly sources
  • 1-2 Reliable sources
  • MLA Style

Parts of the Assignment

  • Rough Draft 20 points
  • Peer Review 20 points
  • Final Draft 150 points

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