793FA3F2-AB8E-462E-976D-B46C7812A3ACMelody Palma

Professor Ramos

English 010

27 November 2018

Joyner Lucas presents us an important topic about driving safely in his video entitled ‘Frozen’. He brings up the most underrated and big issues that we have in our society today. Joyner Lucas is becoming one of the most well known artist’ because of the subjects he raps about in his songs. Throughout this video ‘Frozen’ he introduces us to a series of events that are highly common when driving unsafe. He gives us a different perspective on this type of situation by showing us in the guise of people in the video who have experienced it. Lucas does an amazing job introducing this situation with such a groundbreaking video, he has opened people eyes on the importance of driving safe, especially the younger generation of people who haven’t even begun to drive yet have already been impacted by severe issues of unsafe driving.

Lucas begins this video ‘Frozen’ by saying, “Damn this is not alright, how the f*ck I end up on the other side of life” in the guise of a little girl While it shows the little girl dead on the street, who had been hit by a car because of someone texted and driving. While she is still laying on the floor she begins listing all the things she won’t get to experience in life saying “no more sleepovers ,or no more camping , no more kisses from my dad, cause I left and died, all because a stupid bitch wanted to text and drive”. When Joyner mentioned this in the little girls point of view it definitely dropped my jaw, it stops and makes and think to yourself, “Things like this happen everyday, and nobody is aware of how serious this is”.   In an article about being distracting while driving, mentions that, “it takes only 3 seconds after a drivers attention has been diverted from the road for a crash to occur”(King), with that being said it is very clear how significant it is to keep in mind that driving and texting is extremely dangerous. With such an explicit visual of the reality of dangerous driving, Joyner shows us how fatal driving unsafe can affect us. The second event that occurred in this video was of a woman who was involved in a collision with another car, in the beginning of this scene you see an empty bottle which looks as if it was an alcohol beverage. During this scene the woman makes a remark saying “No more baby in my belly, sad to say we died. All because you choose to drink and drive. Why?”, after she says this you can see that she was a pregnant innocent women who just happened to be in the car with a irresponsible intoxicated person. She talks about all of the things she will reminisce on, like spending holidays with her family and plans she had that she won’t be able to do anymore. This scene tiess into another of a man who is speed racing, this scene ends with his car crushed on top of him, he explains that although he loved the thrill of speed racing, he regrets not listening to his mom who always told him that it would get him killed. A recent report in early September of 2018 was made when 4 teenagers died, one whom was an expectant mother (8 months pregnant) and her fiancé (the driver) who was speed racing with his 3 friends on the freeway in Moreno Valley (Bravo) .  Just to point out to you that All of these things that Joyner is speaking about happens on a daily basis, these people never expected that their lives would end so soon, this couple thought they were going to continue to live their lives and have a family together, but it all ended so soon for them with something that could’ve been prevented if they were aware of how unsafe they were being. With that being said, Joyner introduces us to a new perspective on this situation which can spread the word on the awareness of driving safely. The very last scene of this video is of the man, women, and the little girl who were all involved in the car accidents and the man seemed as if he had just woke up from a bad dream and as he looks side to side he sees that him and his family are all safe together. This scene makes you so surprised to think that these people are a family and it makes you think what if any of those things to happen to your family, it would be devastating really open your mindset on how big of a problem this actually is if it was one of our own family members.

The emotion Joyner Lucas evokes within the video is so intense, the fact that many people can relate to this type of situation is surreal. From the graphic visuals to the heart breaking lyrics in which he uses the guise of the people who got into a car accident. From the very beginning of the video Joyner does not hesitate to start addressing the issue. All scenes are so distressing, it really gets to you because he gives us an explicit visual with lyrics describing all these things that these people won’t be able to do in life or experience anymore. It’s really stops and makes you think how realistic all of these things are, life is too short to put yourself at risk of ending it before you even know it. Nobody ever expects to get into a car accident, it’s happens when you least expect it. Furthermore, this is what Joyner Lucas expresses throughout this video, the significance of life and how this issue can easily be taken care of and prevented if we are more aware of safe driving.

It is truly heartbreaking to even think that things like this happen more often than we think, this video has helped spread the word on how serious this has gotten throughout so many years. Joyner does an amazing job with addressing this issue by using such blunt vocabulary, he doesn’t try to sugar coat anything, he says it how it really is, and that is honestly one of the beat characteristics of the video. The fact that Joyner could be straight up about how a this issue in society has gotten is jaw dropping, since things like this does happen everyday many people try to find excuses as to why these things happen. For example, the little girl in the beginning of the video who had got hit by a women texting and driving, would say “the women driving didn’t see the little girl”, well of course she didn’t because her eyes were off the road. People put themselves in these extremely life risking situations and don’t even know how risky it is until it happens to them. Throughout the entire video it’s as if you can feel the pain that these people are going through, Joyner Lucas speaks with an intense voice, to give us that feel of their perspective.

Overall Joyner Lucas’s video ‘Frozen’ is honestly a 5 star video, given that it shows us the audience the importance of driving safely. Joyner Lucas brings up a topic that people don’t really think is that serious. Everyday people drink, text, speed drive and think it’s is normal because they are used to it seeing others do it or they probably even do it themselves. Many  start to get comfortable doing these things thinking that nothing will happen to them because they do it all the time, In this video Joyner let’s us know to stay woke at all times, it is always dangerous even if you think just because you do these things all the time doesn’t make it ok. All the scenes within the video that Joyner Lucas gives us are a perfect presentation on how negative and life changing it can be for a person to even put themselves and others in danger for doing something that can be stopped. Joyner’s intentions are successful within this video, he introduces us to an issue which isn’t given the right amount attention and used social media in order to spread the word and make people more aware.





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