Professor Ramos
English 010
5:00 p.m.

When viewing a trailer for a movie that draws an individual’s attention, the anticipation in the weeks prior to the premiere becomes almost unbearable. On October fifth of 2018, a weight was lifted off the shoulders of many fans all around the world, and the suspense for the most awaited film of the year came to a halt. The movie ‘A Star Is Born’ not only attracted viewers with its intriguing story, but the lead characters were such an unexpected match it made the excitement that much more intense. Occasionally, trailers that are very anticipated and awaited do more justice than the actual movie itself, but this film exceeded all expectations of the trailer. The film ‘A Star Is Born’ provides a captivating story line that intrigues the audience with an emotional, passionate, and heart wrenching experience. ‘A Star is Born’ was recreated in 2018 after the american film written by Moss Hart was aired in 1954. Hart’s Screenplay was an adaptation of the original 1937 film ‘A Star Is Born’. In 2000 the 1954 film was selected for preservation in the United States by the Library of Congress as being “Culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”, but many say the 2018 version of ‘A Star Is Born’ is by far the best and I personally couldn’t agree more. In the 2018 movie ‘A Star Is Born’, Bradley Cooper who plays the male lead role as Jackson Maine and is also the director of the film, really knew how to pull the audience in with his admiration of Ally (Lady Gaga). https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6S-Bcy_kUyyQyjac168MHB6DShO2FV_waegEy2HI3qN-GB-4WDtu3Ct0ev64dfa0-GOqp0ORsRI4MncxOojIW50hS1OI_1kGGlYnXErihexdfsGThT4g10Jr7SIE5NNZSdah22up
Many people have said watching the film ‘A Star Is Born’ was a life altering experience. The captivating emotion it brought to every viewer in the audience was extraordinary. The story line itself brought interest and excitement and the actors and actresses were very much so the icing on top of the cake. I feel as though Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were the perfect couple to play these intense roles. Manohla Dargis wrote a review about Cooper and Gaga’s film and said Lady Gaga is a post-Madonna pop artist known for her elaborate stagecraft and costumes has been “stripped down” in the film and her “mask was removed”. She said “You can see her skin, the flutter in her veins, which brings you close to her, and can make both the actress and her character feel touchingly vulnerable.” While watching this film my eyes never left the screen, and my heart never stopped aching for the characters. During the last thirty minutes of the movie I whimpered in absolute grief because I had been so intensely drawn in by the amazing actors and I truly believed I was apart of the story. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s chemistry brought an emotional attachment to me like no other movie has. I was devastated when the movie concluded because I was brought back to reality, and had to come to the realization that their love story was just fictional.
On the other hand, some might say this film is very inappropriate due to the drugs, alcohol and nudity throughout the film, but I felt like it was such a captivating story. The lead characters are living a somewhat rockstar lifestyle which does entail this type of atmosphere. The male actor struggles with a hearing problem that came into effect when he was young, and has grown progressively worse over the years up to his adult life and being a musician, it was very for him. The movie ends with a tragic suicide of the male lead, Bradley Cooper, which left viewers with a pit in their stomachs. The film began with such a romantic setting, yet closed with a devastating tragedy that no one in their right mind would wish for or expect. The storyline had many happy and upbeat moments, but it’s unfortunate drawbacks left a far greater impact on the audience.
Before watching a movie most individuals create an image of how they believe the story will play out, but nothing could prepare anyone for ‘A Star Is Born.’ Comparing this film to world renowned movies such as Titanic, Greece, and Casablanca it holds its ground substantially. Critics all over the country have raved about the film ‘A Star Is Born’ and not only saying that the actors together are the perfect duo, but claiming it to be the best musical since 2002’s Chicago (Reed). Clearly, ‘A Star Is Born’ captivated hearts around the nation and didn’t just stop after production. The actors post-film interviews show the true bond and connection they created while making such a spectacular production, and that was shown immensely throughout the movie. Indeed, this was an iconic performance that not only entailed a beautiful love story, but addressed the substance abuse and mental health issues that individuals experience everyday.
The movie ‘A Star Is Born’ provides a severely intruegring storyline that captures the audience with an emotional, passionate and heart wrenching experience. After watching this film most individuals were left saddened because it was an experience no one wanted to end. This production brought awareness to the audience about the dangers of substance abuse, and how it can clearly be a life altering disease that takes more lives than society realizes. The amount of sentiment and compassion this film created was truly exceptional. I believe the characters were aware of the emotion they would be bringing to their audience, but I don’t think they were fully aware of the monumental impact they had created. It was a pleasure to watch such a beautiful story unfold to what it did, and witness a star be reborn again after such a tragic event.
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