Quick Write

What reading from unit one are you going to write about for your essay?


Zitkala Sa 1876 – 1938

Zitkala Sa (Lakota for Red Bird) was a Sioux writer, editor, musician, teacher, and activist. She co-founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 to advocate for citizenship and civil rights of native peoples.

Zitkala-Sa Biography

Impressions of an Indian Childhood: I., II., VII.

“Impressions of an Indian Childhood” by Zitkala Sa (pronounced sha) was first published in the Atlantic Monthly in the year 1900.

“The Soft-Hearted Sioux”

How do you see cultural conflict being expressed in the short story?

Cultural Conflict Essay rough draft due next Wednesday for peer review.

In this essay, you will perform a close reading of a text (any reading from Unit 1). Focus on the conflict or cultural conflict as you see it.

You can focus on one or all the criteria below.

  1. Nature of the Conflict
  2. Groups and the Conflict
  3. Causes of the Conflict
  4. Consequences of the Conflict
  5. Resolutions to the Conflict

Whatever text you choose to analyze, make sure to use the Five Moves of Analysis to help you with the close reading.