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Cultural Conflict Essay

Cultural Conflict Essay Prompt

  • Focus on conflict or cultural conflict
  • Clear thesis/argument
  • Close reading of text: Focus on scenes, lines, characters, etc. that highlight the conflict or cultural conflict in the text you are analyzing.

Peer Review

Research for Cultural Conflict Essay

Scholarly research to help us understand and analyze the text.

You can research the cultural conflict you are writing about.

  • Example: Slavery
  • Slavery in Huck Finn
  • Racism and Huck Finn
  • Racism and Mark Twain
  • Reconstruction and racism
  • Civilized and savage
  • Civilized and savage and Huck Finn

You can research the author

  • Mark Twain
  • Mark Twain and Society
  • Twain and Huck Finn
  • Twain and Cultural Criticism

The text

  • Huckleberry Finn
  • Huck Finn and racism
  • Huck Finn and Jim
  • Huck Finn and Race
  • Conflict and Huck Finn
  • Culture in Huck Finn

Conflict and Cultural Conflict

  • Cultural conflict and Twain
  • Cultural conflict and Huck Finn
  • Cultural Conflict and American Literature
  • Conflict and American Lit
  • Conflict and Huck Finn

Intro to Unit 2: 1914 – 1945

In small groups, go through your section and figure out the important aspects we need to understand. Write down three or four takeaways, or important points we need to know.

  1. The Two Wars as Historical Markers
  2. Changing Times
  3. Science and Technology
  4. The 1930s
  5. American Versions of Modernism
  6. Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds
  7. Modern Literature on Stage and Screen