Quick Write

Answer the questions on a piece of paper or email them to me. Five minutes.

  1. What did you do well in your essay?
  2. What were the weaknesses?
  3. What grade do you think your essay deserves?

Intro to Unit 2: 1914 – 1945

In small groups, go through your section and figure out the important aspects we need to understand. Write down three or four takeaways or important points we need to know.

  1. The Two Wars as Historical Markers
  2. Changing Times
  3. Science and Technology
  4. The 1930s
  5. American Versions of Modernism
  6. Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds
  7. Modern Literature on Stage and Screen

Willa Cather (1873 – 1947)

Willa Cather Long Biography

Cather had a long writing career, over which she became nationally acclaimed and internationally respected. She is most remembered for My ÁntoniaA Lost Lady (1923) and Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927).

Cather received the Pulitzer Prize in 1923 for One of Ours.

The Sculptor’s Funeral (1905)



Artist and Society

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