Image result for 2017 suicide statisticsDepression causes many things from anxiety, to social regression, and most of all suicidal tendencies.  According to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, there are about 105 suicides per day. Some people have either attempted suicide or has had an ideation about it. Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Not only does it affect adults but children as well. 1 in 100,000 children age 10 to 14 dies by suicide each year. It’s a topic that you don’t really bring up to kids but it’s something that you should talk about with your children. It should be implemented in schools since children and teens are in school most of the day. Some stressors such as managing a workload, worrying about if the fit in and finding the balance with school and home can be stressful too. There are many life stressors that contribute to it such as mental illness, relationship problems, bullying, financial difficulties or a recent loss of someone close to you. There are many risk factors and we need to be more vigilant and know the warning signs for it such as aggressive behavior, talking about death, and social withdrawal. The sooner you see the warning signs the better in getting the help they need right away.

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of deaths in the United States. Since the rates are rising we need to find ways we can prevent it. For example, having school-based awareness programs for kids and teenagers Such as letting them know they can speak to their teachers or their parents if they are feeling suicidal. Since school or home life can be stressful it would help to possibly have an emotional support service dog, An emotional support dog can be beneficial by providing mental and physical benefits They can come inImage result for emotional dog support throughout the day to provide comfort. In these programs they could learn how to create a safe environment for themselves, they would learn different kinds of coping skills and problem-solving skills. Another way would be to take medication for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or trauma-related disorders. There are currently about 22 antidepressant medications that are approved by the FDA that can help out. These could be a risk factor as well.  With the help of medication or talk therapy, it can be a great big help to some people. Talk therapy such as counseling, or a psychiatrist will give you a better understanding of your mental health, how to overcome your fears, how to improve your relationships with friends, family and yourself. With their help, you both can work together to manage your stress and improve the quality of your life.

Lastly, we have suicide prevention hotlines that can help. Maybe you are not comfortable speaking to someone in person. Hotlines would help by phone or text there are many ways you can get help. It’s a safe place where they keep everything confidential and it’s free. You will be set up with a crisis worker who is trained to help people with emotional distress or if they are having a suicidal crisis. Maybe you are seeking help for a friend or you are worried about a friend they will help you and provide resources on what to do and how to get help quickly.

These programs could help prevent suicides by bringing awareness to it. It can save lives too by educating children at a young age that’s it’s okay to speak to someone if they are feeling sad, lost, hopeless. Learning these skills at an early age would help them when they become an adult. Teachers should also be mandated to know the warning signs of Image result for suicidal risktheir students if they are a suicidal risk. As a result, by having these programs kids will learn many ways to prevent suicides. They would also learn how to effectively manage stressors and what to do if they are having a problem. Mental illness can be another risk factor and can be helped by taking medication or talking to a medical professional. Another way would be to call a suicide hotline. That is why it’s important to speak to your children about this topic even though it can be overwhelming but we have to teach them at a young age so they can use these skills when they become adults.


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