As the President of the United States you are the most powerful man on the planet, and with great power comes great responsibility. “Build the wall” was your slogan during campaigning, However, one must understand that you have surmounted a larger following who live off the ideologies you preach. There are more progressive issues at hand that are not getting the attention they need, due to the fact that you are imposing the wall as the main issue America should be dealing with. Instead of focusing on a minuscule problem such immigration, why not first fix the internal problems at hand. Flight Michigan has not had clean water for years, there are problems in lower socioeconomic classes, and communities are close to poverty. Your main focus as president of the united states should be first to internally better the country, then focus on global institutional policies. From the outside countries view America for the multiple internal problems they are facing. We must first better this country then the country itself will improve globally.  


Fresh water is a limited yet significant product of survival. Economist and socialist have  classified countries into first world, second word and third world based on the countries GDP and natural resources. First world defined by is a country with a high standard of living, high life expectancy and stable economy. A third world country defined by is a country with weaknesses in areas including: nutrition, education, literacy, economic vulnerabilities, and have widespread poverty. In American right now there is a city with third world problems. Flint, Michigan has been without fresh water resources for years now. Their living arrangements are inadequate and no First world country such as the United States should have this problem. It started off when officials looking to save money switched Flint’s, drinking water supply from the Detroit city system to the Flint River. This new water was highly corrosive due to the fact that city and state officials broke federal law by failing to treat the water properly. lead leached out from aging pipes into thousands of homes. The water was dark-colored with an atrocious smell and taste. The citizens of Flint suffered many skin conditions such as hair loss and rashes. It’s been five since this catastrophe event started and has yet been solved. I believe with the collective effort of the county, state and federal government we can eradicate this issues that is causing citizens to live with in humane conditions.       


  This world is facing a major problem when it comes to our future. There is problem with our limited nonrenewable energy. Non renewable energy is a resource of economic value that cannot be readily replenished by natural means at the pace of its consumption. These energies are coil, natural gas and oil. Nonrenewable energy is a big contributor to greenhouse gases which is the lead cause for global warming. As a nonrenewable energy depletes we will have to come up with other ways to find energy. This is why funds need to be invested into efficient ways to find means of renewable energy. Not only will it save America money in the long run, it will also preserve and save our planet.There are also economic benefits from transferring to renewable sources. According to solar and wind energy will bring over 300,000 jobs compared to coal which only produces 160,000 jobs. Growth in clean energy can create positive economic “ripple” that create more jobs and increases income. One of your political stances was the need to create more jobs, this will do just that. For example, industries in the renewable energy supply chain will benefit, and unrelated local businesses will benefit from increased household and business incomes. America could be the forefront pioneer that not only saves the Planet but leads the world it into the next clean energy era. The public image of America would be admirable because initiating these reforms will save the country money and create sources of clean energy that will improve the eminent issue of global warming.


There is a significant problem that is affecting our nation and can lead to social tension. This Problem is the economic division between the upper and low class. According to the New York Post, the five reasons for poverty is criminal justice, education, housing policy, savings, and Inclusive economic growth. Let’s start with our education system because changing the youth changes the future. Instead of using our funds on the wall we could use that money to fix our Public school system, especially in low-income areas. Impoverished Students not only face economic hardship but a low budget for education. Since the majority of the student are In impoverished, they lack the necessities such as food, clothing, books and internet essential that a student needs to become successful. A low budget makes it challenging to achieve basic educational standards. In 2013 the U.S government spent eight percent of its budget on education for all levels. The Problem is that it’s still not enough; there is still not enough money to go round, but 25 billion could be a start.  The money could go towards school in lower economic areas such as Chicago for food transportation, Proper clothing, updated books, and technology.

In closing, I believe the funds being used to build the wall could be used to better our Economic problems and social tensions.  By helping the city of flint get back to suitable drinking water, you would become a humanitarian. Changing our nation to renewable energy would not only save us money but create new jobs. We would be preserve the world, our future and lead a technological frontier for ages to come. Increasing funds in the Education system would close the economic gap between the upper and lower class by giving the youth a chance to better their social standing through education. Lastly, by doing all three task your approval rating exceptional and you would genuinely make America great again.  

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