Since the mid 2000s YouTube has gotten very popular and it’s just been growing every year. But the one thing that we don’t realize is just how big is to big. Every day videos are uploaded in YouTube, the next big video will be shown on the Internet, and the next star. I see YouTube as tool that can’t be use right for are kids, but we also have to watch the dark side of YouTube.20180312170523_IMG_0217

In discussion of YouTube, one controversial issue has been is YouTube safe for our kids. On the one hand, it doesn’t have enough filters contends to many uncensored videos online. Others even maintain it hurts them emotion and mentally and also some videos are mostly targeting are kids. My own view is as a parent I could relate it’s easy for us to just give them an electronic device to keep them distraction, but we also need to be careful what they are watching in article from USA Today states, “YouTube said it turned off comments on 625,000 videos and deleted 150,000 videos that were “targeted by child predators.”(Grahams, USATODAY). A CHILD PREDATOR uploaded a video on YouTube that could contain very bad content. Then again there are no relegation on who could upload a video. Like any other company in order to become big they need to protect their YoutTubers because they get a lot of views and a lot of billion on advertising. Like Logan Paul especially had a big controversial issue for showing a real life dead body that was hanging from a tree in japan. In his video he laughs about it and doesn’t realize what effect people might taScreenshot_20180312-214621~2ke it. Had over six million views less than an hour been uploaded and most of his followers then again are kids that fallow him and of you look at his channel mostly dumb and outrages videos he does to promote. YouTube has a lot in their hands they can’t control even with their filter just installing the app is easy its free. If you go and look on the image on the left, you could see the rating is for Teen and that 23,448,364 are install either on their phones or tablets still not including computer. With no context letting the user what kind of graphic video you might see.

My feeling on the issue are mixed. There is good information on YouTube how well-educated videos that are uploaded. In my experience I do use YouTube for day to day task like how to teach my sons how to read, how to do some fun activities, my son Andrew also likes to watch soccer videos and how to become a better goal keeper. YouTube has variety of good contents and followers to watch. In article by Forbes it sates, “What makes these YouTube educational channels so successful may be the very element of entertainment students may not receive in the classroom.” (Hua, FORBES) what some are true. I don’t blame my sons teacher in anyways but something he doesn’t get I’ll try to find someone in YouTube that could help us what issue there having and we could resolve it and I do notice it like for example we watching a video how to improve your word sounding this YouTuber called, “Pebbles Kids Learning” channel help him a lot it wasn’t boring to him he was having fun while watching this video on YouTube. Like what Kareyou-tube-logon states, “In fact, education videos are viewed twice as often as those found in the Pets & Animals category.” (Hua, Forbes) so means that children and even teens use YouTube for education purpose. YouTube has also created a new App called YouTube for kids which is targeted only kids that are in the elementary age. Which G rated context that very education and fun to watch.

What I learn so far is that being a parent I have to be more careful on what my sons are watching. I was born during 90’s we didn’t have much technology growing up as the only action I got to watch was when my dad was watching Alfonso Zayas (Mexican Actor in the Early 80’s) movies especially “La Risa En Vacaciones” collection those were graphics videos then s-l225again, my parents didn’t have filters. All we need to is just monitor on what there watching and explain to them it’s not good watch and if you have any concerns not afraid to ask.





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