Back when I was in 4th grade wanting to be a crazy good skater like my older brother was one of my biggest goals in that time. My friend Freddy and I both wanted to learn how to skate, so we would hang out right after school and whip out our skateboards. Me being the investigator I am, I would look at all the sponsors such as Plan B, Toy Machine, Blind, etc, the one that stood out to me the most was the brand Darkstar. It took me a lot of hard work to save up the large amount of 40 dollars for the skateboard. Freddy had a fresh looking Plan  B board that was the smoothest skateboard I have ever rode in my life. So after school we would throw our backpacks onto his porch and start riding around in our skateboards trying to ollie over the little cracks in the road. Our older brothers would come out around 6 pm riding their skateboards, they would always make Freddy and I compete. Not only did I want to make my older brother proud, I wanted to actually learn how to Kickflip, Heelflip, Pop shove it, which is mostly the basics.

To start it off they would show us how to do the tricks with visual representations and then they would tell us to try. Freddy and I got so many bruises and scrapes from losing balance and not landing on the board correctly. Nothing hurt more than the boards trucks hitting your ankles attempting to land a pop shove it, but we would hold back those tears to prove to our brothers we can learn to do these tricks. After 8 pm Fredddy’s mom would call him and his brother in for the night, but lucky enough for my brother and I our parents were lenient with us being home late. So with us still having some time to skate he would teach me more on how to land these tricks with ease. He would always be patient with me because he knew I was going to get with more practice. When trying to land the tricks he would wager me landing these tricks, for example, he would say “ I bet you 20 bucks you can’t land a kickflip in 5 tries, with him doing that it pushed me to do better because I wanted those 20 dollars and I knew he believed in me.

Looking at this I knew from there my brother is one of my greatest literary sponsors because he believed in me not only in skating, but also in my education and sports such as soccer. Even the days when I wanted to throw the towel, he would tell me “pick your head up kid, do you want to be a quiter or a winner”, and for some reason things like that always got to me because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything I set my mind too. Until this day I continue to think to myself those kind of examples he would tell me when I was younger and still put them to use in my everyday life.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning during the summer, my brother yanks me from my bed and says “hurry your ass up, we going to skate at Park View Middle School”, me hearing that felt great because I watched skating videos all the time and they would always be at schools olling over stairs, kick flipping over stairs, grinding on the benches, and lastly they would always be with a group. To me being with a group of people was always the fun part about skating. I got out of bed ran to the kitchen put two waffles into the toaster, 3 min laters BOOM they come out, I smeared the butter and put my delicious syrup on it and in about 2 minutes I finish, then I chugged my warm glass of milk run to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After my routine for every Saturday morning my brother and I go outside to go knock on my friends door so him and his brother can come with us to skate at the school. Both of our parents worked Saturday morning so we never had a ride to places we always had to skate to the  places we wanted to go, I am not complaining about it because it was fun to ride fast down hills and stop by liquor stores to get a 89 cent polar pop at Circle K and a bag of Takis was always my go to. Anyways us 4 my brother, Freddy, Freddy’s older brother, and I raced to Park View which would be about a 25 min ride from our trailer park on 4th street. The ride down hill from 5th street to Meadow Creek was the fastest you can go downhill on a skateboard and me being me I always tried to go the fastest no matter what. When I was going down that hill, I noticed my board was getting a little unsteerable (speedwobbles), either I was going to jump off my skateboard and hope not to trip or fall and get all scraped up, so me being the hard headed person I am I stayed on the board and tried to control the wobbles but I failed. The fact that I didn’t control the wobbles I fell and banged my head onto the concrete and got my hands, elbows and knees all wounded.

After that experience my friends and brother all laughed and I can’t blame them because if that happened to one of them I would laugh my ass off. I got up from the ground with my head throbbing of how hard it hit the ground, I started bleeding from my head, but we just put water and I used my shirt to wrap it around my head. I was a little upset and I wasn’t as energized as I was before, but brother once again talked me out of going back home. He said “what if you land that kickflip over the 6 stair today? I guess you’re never going to know because you let this one thing get to you and now you want to quit.” I thought about what he said and of course he convinced me. I answered with “alright fine, if I do land it though, you have to give me your PSP”, he slapped my head in a laughing way and said “you’re funny kid”. We make it to the school and right away we look around to see if anybody is there because if there was they would always call the police which would always be the day killer. Thankfully this day nobody was there and we continued to grind those benches and do a couple of tricks off the stairs. Both Freddy and I were at the same level and we always were in competition with one another so we made a bet to see who was better by whomever landed a kickflip over the 6 stair first was the better skater. 

There Freddy goes riding as fast as he can, to get enough momentum to pull off the kickflip over the stairs he completes the ollie, but fails to flick the board to do the kickflip so he lets the board go and lands on his feet with anger in his eyes. He looks at me and says “you’re up loser”, I look at him and say “nice try pal”. Then I pull up to the stairs not going as fast, but still enough to go over the stairs, I complete the ollie and I remember to flick the board so I see the board doing a flip and I catch the top of the board with my feet and land with a big ol smile on face. 

Looking back at these days not only brings me happiness because I proved my worth and showed what I can do, that day I realized I was always going to have someone real on my side. That real person is my brother, he opened my eyes to the world where I can do whatever I set my mind too.