Success in the mist

  Horrible! I was doing horrible at keeping my feet centered to hit the ball properly in the game and everyone in the crowd knew I needed practice pronto. Coach immediately noticed that I was being a cancer to the team and decided to take the next step and sub me out of the game around the 75th minute of the game. For those of you that don’t know there are 90 minutes in a full soccer game, not including extra time. As soon as I sat down on the bench my father and I made instant eye contact but for different reasons. I was pretty much discouraged to play another minute of soccer knowing that I was putting a negative effect on the team. On the other side my dad had made eye contact with me because he knew it was time to grind and show out for the next game because we were about to be close to a championship game and my father would rather die than see me slip up in a big important game like that.

  My father is about 6’2 190 pounds with a great big bald head and a nice gleaming white smile. He is probably the most positive and understanding person I know but besides the fact, it was time for me to hit the field that was next to my house and try to figure out how I’m going to fix these major flaws that were affecting my craft. We first started off by passing the ball to each other because passing is a huge part of my position, which was midfielder. Midfielders in soccer have a big say on what happens on the field because not only can they pass the ball and they can also score and even run back on the other side of the field and play defense. Soon after we moved on to a new drill which was running thru cones and receiving a pass from my dad then having to return a pass back to him accurately, which at first took a lot of focus but after about 15 minutes of doing the drill it soon became second nature.

 After the big practice that my father and I had was over, we started heading back home because it was starting to get dark and I wouldn’t want anything like an injury to occur on the field, which happens to a lot of athletes that try to over train. When I finally reached home I had a sense of success in my head and confidence that I would have an amazing game and with another day of important practice but there was a problem, my father was not going to be able to attend practice because he had to go to work. That’s when my brother lance stepped up and came to take my dads spot. Lance stands at 6’4 and weighs about 250 pounds and yes we did get our height from my dads side of the family. My brother had played soccer when he was a kid and believe it or not his big ass was an all star at soccer, all around great scorer and passer. In fact he was so good to the point where the coach would come pick him up from his house before games because the coach knew that if lance didn’t attend the games they would more than likely lose. So he had some pretty good knowledge of soccer and what I needed to work on to be team booster and not a downer.

  So we went to the same field that my father and I attend when we had our practice and once we arrived I was thinking it was going to be a full technique practice to really focus on my craft but it turns out I was going to be running like an animal. He had me running for about 20 minutes but when I was in the process of running it felt like I have been running for 2 hours. After all the running was pretty much over with and I was about half way done with breathing like a dog, I looked at lance and he says “ fatigue brings a coward out of an athlete”, which to me opened up my mind and made total sense because in the game I was trying to do certain things like passing and making sure my passes were accurate but it was so hard because I was so tired

  It was the next day and it was game day, and I had been watching videos on YouTube to help me mentally get ready for the game and put me in the mood to play the best I can possibly play. I felt a little more confident then I usually felt knowing that I was going to play a championship game for all the marbles. We were up against a really great team that had actually been undefeated just like us but we all felt that we had to fight for the victory because we didn’t do all this training for nothing. We came out for warm ups and my father is the first person I spotted in the stands with his dad cap on cheering for my team and I. I knew it was a very big game because the stands that were not usually filled with people, were filled completely up and even had other soccer teams on the side of the bleachers to watch this game. About 5 minutes later I was getting more and more nervous by the second and I look up and the referee is calling for the captains to come up. Adrian, the scorer on my team and defender Nico start to head towards the referee. At this point I’m nervous out of my mind and my palms are very sweaty but at the same time I was trying to mentally picture the game from my point and see how I would react if certain things happened from my perspective. So the game starts and we all ascend to our positions and we go back and forth in steals and stops for a majority of the game and at this point in the game I get really exhausted and start slowing down a little bit but something clicks and I remember what my brother tells me about being fatigued and I instantly turn into a key player on the field. Whoop whoop! I juke out the defender that was in front of me that was trying to keep me from making a key pass and I look up and see Adrian our big time scorer on the run and headed straight for the net, so I instantly make the pass to Adrian and boom! He kicks the ball passed the goalkeeper and it’s a goal!!!! At this point in the game there are 5 minutes left in the game and the opposing team is driving Down to get there goal and I see Nico sliding to get the offensive player and I immediately run down and stop the player and we kick the ball away from our goal. Ring!!!!!! The whistle blows and it’s game over. We won the championship and the crowd goes crazy, and through all the celebration and happiness I look into the crowd and see my father’s big huge white smile and I smile back because I knew all this work has really paid off.