You will find out that, God is a Woman. That famous line originates from the sultry song that was released on July 13, 2018 and is sung by the one and only Ariana Grande. She is a Grammy award-winning, multi-million pop star, who is known for her extensive vocal range and high ponytails. This powerful song was produced by Ilya Salmanzadeh, a famous Swedish songwriter who produces songs for many well-known artists. Like the title of the song, Grande is here to convince her audience that even though The Almighty God is known to be a Man, women have the sexual empowerment to make a man feel as though God could possibly be a Woman. Throughout the lyrics and her music video, she provides evidence and demonstrations as to why it could possibly be this way, putting women in the position of power. In Ariana’s eyes, she wants her viewers to see that women are capable of controlling anything because woman are the masters of desire. Woman are so crucial to this universe, and that the universe resides in us, celebrating the gift of women sexuality. 

            In the ‘God Is a Woman’ music video there is a copious amount of beautiful imagery flowing throughout each scene, containing topics such as sexual liberation, celestial female empowerment and spirituality all making her seem like a God. With Ariana’s astounding voice, everything ties in perfectly for the huge empowering message that she is trying to portray throughout her song. At the same time, she is providing important visuals throughout her music video to get her message across. She successfully uses rhetorical strategies to lure in her audience, containing ethos, pathos and logos. Using a sexual, stereotypical, emotional and celebrity appeal. This uplifting powerful song is aimed towards Feminists, but appeals to Woman and to anyone who is a Grande fan.  God Is a Woman, is an unforgettable music video that empowers, entertains and enthralls. 

            Pop music is highly favored throughout the world, and God is a Woman is the perfect example of music in today’s society. This song has a slow R&B, pop cultured flow, which makes this song very appealing. Ariana Grande is also highly favored as well, gaining credibility from her fans, making her song even more popular. The flow of Ariana’s song exudes a pathetic appeal as it is very empowering to some, and the lyrics engage her audience. Hearing “God is a Woman” seventeen times in the song can be quite catchy, allowing the central topic of sexual empowerment to those who listen. Another effect of pathos is seen when lyrics attract her audience as well as uplifts them while promoting confidence. The fact that Ariana is so popular, makes her message easier to promote. 

            In addition to the above, the music video starts off with Ariana dressed like a goddess, gyrating in the middle of a galaxy, portraying that she is the center of the universe. This automatically gathers the attention of both men and women. This compelling scene then skips to another scene where she is then laying in a pool or water colored paint. The water she is lying in seems to take the shape of female genitalia as Ariana sings “You love it how I move you, you love it how I touch you, my one. When all is said and done, You’ll believe God is a Woman.”  Meaning that after her spiritual experience with her partner, he will assume that God must be a Woman, raising women to Godship. According to social media, Ariana received backlash for portraying women as God. She wanted her audience to understand her message by using an emotional appeal going against the norm and celebrating the female body. As this is nothing new, Ariana Grande is a feminist, and is known for her reputation for empowering many through her music, appealing to ethos. The next scene is of Ariana, uncaringly sitting on top of an open book, as she towers over men that are throwing derogatory phrases at her face, which aren’t able to reach her. She sings, “I can be all the things you told me not to be, when you try to come for me I keep on flourishing.” Again, she is defying societal stereotypes towards women, using logic to argue about social problems like women not being able to dress too revealing, feel comfortable with their sexuality or do anything without a man giving input. Women in today’s society are very much underestimated by men, and no matter what they go through, they will continue to flourish and be successful. 

Next, is the significant scene in her music video where she paraphrases the Book of Ezekiel from the bible, using Madonna’s monologue, “I will Strike down upon thee, with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my sisters, and you will know my name is the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon you” (Ezekiel 25:17). This verse is also a part of Samuel L. Jackson’s monologue in Quentin Tarantino’s crime film, Pulp Fiction. The only difference between the two is that Madonna’s monologue is spoken from a feminist’s point of view. She then throws a hammer towards a glass ceiling damaging it, thus inspiring women to break the glass ceiling. The video then ends with Ariana recreating Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, replacing men with women and replacing herself as God, making her last gesture of feminine greatness. Overall, God is a Woman mostly appeals to women and can appeal to men as well. Her music video powerfully affects the persuasion of her audience, causing everyone to rethink and defy gender stereotypes, captivating the audience’s interest through pathos. With Ariana’s reputation as a feminist, it is more likely to know what to expect from her when watching and listening to her music. 

In general, God is a Woman argues for the deification of female sexuality (Think Christian) utilizing the lyrics, the tune/tone of the song and the celestial goddess-like visuals and references that are provided throughout the music video, defending how a man perceives a woman through the empowerment that is analogous to divinity, through pathos, ethos and logos. Appealing to a celebrity, sexual and emotional approach. To empower and to entertain viewers. All of this allows Grande’s audience to accept the message ‘God is a Woman’ transmits. God is a Woman strictly exudes pathos to gain the attention of men, women and feminists. The message is so powerful, The purpose of God is a Woman was to uplift and empower women everywhere. It demonstrates how both objectification and worship of the female body can be perilous (Think Christian.)

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