This is a commercial from Hulu with some of the United States women’s soccer players. The ad begins with the team passing the ball to each other and go all the way up to roughly around 15 yards away from the goal post. They then complete their play by scoring a goal to the left side of the goal post passing above the goalie’s fingertips. After the soccer players score they celebrate their goal by forming a human couch, an ottoman, and a television with one person sitting on the couch with a remote in hand watching the human made television. One of the female players is behind the television dancing to complete the display of the television. While this celebration is occurring a famous former player from the United States soccer team Mia Hamm asks two of the coaches on the sideline what they players are doing. They respond by saying that it is their new celebration goal and they are calling it “Hulu has live sports”. Mia Hamm follows up with another question asking how much Hulu will be paying them for this, and the two women just giggle and laugh. At the end of the commercial it shows the team all together side by side of each other as if to take a team picture wearing green uniforms saying Hulu has live sports with two pallets full of money dropping from a crane hook on the other side of the players.

Towards the very end of the commercial where the team is together, this scene has multiple objects and other things with green details throughout the background. There are green text shown in the background in the stadium to represent the colors of the Hulu Company. They have certain seats colored green throughout the stadium so it can read out Hulu from a distance. There are also banners shown that say no cable required, which is another great way to interest their viewers. This is adding another reason to get Hulu other than Hulu having live sports included.

The appeal of ethos is to convince or persuade the audience of ones’ character or credibility. This appeal is being used in this advertisement mainly because of the famous and well-known athletes in the commercial. Research suggests that over time, as heroes retire and disappear from the spotlight, their appeal begins to increase, even more than when they were performing (Lunardo, Renaud, et al. 692). This commercial is not in any way formal, it is more causal and normal type of presentation that can bring different types of viewers to stay interested because there is a little bit of comedy and like it was discussed earlier famous athletes/ celebrities. They also use the sport soccer to catch the viewers’ attention. Soccer is a very popular sport that is well known all around the world. To combine all of these together this advertisement has a very good chance to catch many sorts of viewers and to keep them hooked. “And finally children’s books are up to three times more likely to contain only male role models” (Adams-Blair 45). This sentence by Adams- Blair is very intriguing because the author is trying to allow the readers to have a clear image of how many children’s books’ contain only male role models. This mean that very few books have a only female role models to inspire children as they grow. This is a very important message that show be acknowledged because many kids could grow up thinking that only men or boys will be successful or better to achieve certain tasks. In the Hulu advertisement there are only female athletes and there are no men shown in this video. This can allow their viewers to understand that woman are capable of doing what men do. In this case it indicates that the women’s United States soccer team are female role models that can inspire kids as they grow to know that women too can do things like playing professional soccer.  

The emotion set for on this advertisement for certain people could be excitement or happiness. For example soccer fans might find this commercial fun or exciting because it involves soccer. Many people enjoy watching games and are very entertained just to watch a match. There is also joy and happiness seeing peoples’ favorite team on television.

The appeal of logos is an appeal of logic, to convince an audience based off of reasoning. There are some good reasoning in this commercial that Hulu uses to logically convince their viewers to understand that it would benefit themselves to get Hulu. The main benefit of Hulu in this case is that they stream live sports for both female sand males. This in my perspective was viewed as Hulu having live sports for anyone, that Hulu will and does not discriminate based on gender. There is a bubble map in the article “Effectiveness of Absurdity in Advertising across Cultures.” This map describes how some viewers’ reactions could be based on how they can relate to the situation or what is happening in the advertisement. The first bubble on the map says absurdity, they use this word to let the readers know that this can literally be anything and that it could be as crazy as possible or something that is reasonable either or. Then there are two bubble for the next part that read recall and attitude towards ad. These two bubbles will show how the readers or viewers can reaction to the absurdity in the first bubble. So in the Hulu advertisement there can be different ways for the audience to react to the commercial. Either the viewers can recall or relate to the situation on the screen or they can have a certain opinion on the advertisement good or bad. Hulu is giving the sport of soccer to allow the viewers to relate to the commercial or recall a similar experience they had. This is all logical strategies used to appeal or interest viewers to get Hulu with live sports. The audience will have a better connection to the advertisement because they can relate situation.

In conclusion, Hulu is using soccer to persuade the viewers to sign up for a Hulu account. The appeals used were pathos, ethos and logos. Hulu wants their audience to know that they will have live sports available and that there will not be any cable required to access these games. In the commercial the appeal of ethos is the one to mainly stand out because of all the famous athletes from the United States Women’s National Team that appear throughout the video. They also include a former player from the United States team Mia Hamm who was a great player and is a good role models for young kids. This advertisement used comedy and positive environment to set the emotion. Seeing professional female athletes can bring joy and excitement to people seeing them on commercials and intrigue the audience to continue to watch the video so Hulu can convince people to get Hulu with live sports.

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