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In “There was a Man, There Was a Woman”, Sandra Cisneros tells a short story about a man and a woman whose schedules are different but still have a chance in interacting. Every second and fourth Friday of the month, the man would get paid and the first and third Friday of every month, the woman would get paid. On their Friday’s, they would go to a Friendly Spot Bar to drink with their friends. The man would drink and drink in hopes of saying everything he was feeling, but that never happened. He simply just drank. The same exact thing happened with the woman. They would both laugh loudly in the bar. At night when they both went to their homes, they had different reactions while looking and thinking of the same moon. When the woman looked up at the moon with her pale eyes, she cried. When the man was observing the moon, he saw and thought of “those who had worshiped or loved died before that same moon, mute and lovely. The lives of these two people were the same but different timing. Assumptions are made and things are put into perspective for the reader. Will they ever meet? Are they soulmates? Do they already know each other but purposely have different schedules for a reason? 

A friend of the woman knew every side and expression the woman made. It was impossible to never figure out what the woman had been going through. The friend could read the woman so easily because of all the years of friendship they shared. The friend knew the woman better than her own self. The friend and woman met in high school because they had biology class together and didn’t know anyone else. They shared lots of personal information and happened to be neighbors so they spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. “You coming over?” “Yeah, I’m already on my way” were the lines they said everyday. When they graduated high school, the friend went to a university and the woman went to the army. They tried to stay in contact because the friendship they had was like no other. They always had topics to talk about because one story would lead to another and so on. When they met, their souls danced together and time went by so fast. When the moon would shine through the windows they knew it was time to go home. 

After six months in the army, the woman had come home but the friend did not recognize her. “What happened?” the friend would ask her. “Nothing, I’m fine” said the woman all serious. The woman was there but not entirely. The friend knew that she had seen horrible things because her eyes didn’t shine like they used to, she was quiet and she always came up with excuses to be alone. The friend helped her cope with the woman’s depression and after a couple of years, she was recovering. She got a new job, they moved to a different city, and went to a friendly bar twice a month with other friends just to have a break from everything going on. “I’m tired of not feeling like myself and I want to get back out there.” said the woman to her friends. They went to the bar for months and the woman still felt a little empty on the inside and wanted to let go of everything that was eating up her mind. She would drink in hopes of the words being easier to come out but everytime she had the thoughts and images in her head all at once, she would swallow the words away. The woman hid that for the longest time that her friend didn’t even notice. 

When the woman would go home, she would stare up at the moon and think about all the things that she has gone through. Of course her friend always stuck by her side but the one thing that hit home was the intimate feeling she shared with the moon. The same moon every night, her whole life. She would vented to the moon because her secrets were safe and she liked  the idea of the moon not judging, just listening. It would stay until she fell asleep so she found comfort knowing there was a form of good energy still with her. She would cry to the moon after coming home from the bar because those were the nights where she wants to say what she was feeling but couldn’t. 

A year later, the bar was having its tenth anniversary and to celebrate they were going to host a karaoke night along with the alcohol being at half price so you already know lots of people were going to show up. The woman and her friends got to the bar around nine at night. The man and his friends went as well and got to the bar around ten at night. The owner of the bar loved to bring people together to have a good time agnd to creative precious memories. Her bar was a break from reality to everyone. The bar was a whole different environment because of all the exotic culture and neon lights. The bar was underground so it was alive all night. The owner was always happy and said “Welcome darlings! Join and feel free!” The music moved everyone even if you didn’t consuming anything. The power of the atmosphere was real. 

On the night of karaoke, lots of people arrived and you could feel the energy flow throughout your body. The woman was feeling bliss and with her friends by her side, it was such a bittersweet moment because she was sad the moment was going to end but happy that it was happening. The man was not feeling very excited even with his friends by his side. He would drink until he thought he had the courage to express himself but sadly, that feeling of expression never came out. He had been feeling empty and alone for a while now. After ending a relationship of three years, he didn’t think he could find real love again. His significant other started to show some red flags and the man knew better to end the relationship although it was going to hurt. 

The man walked around the bar with his friends and when the man turned around to go back for another drink, there she was… the woman. They locked eyes the moment they saw each other and everything was slow motion and the background suddenly appeared brighter like in the movies. They were like magnets because they were slowly walking towards each other without even knowing it. When they both snapped out of it they immediately started to converse. Of course they were a little shy at first and they even choked on their words. The man started off with “Sorry to creep on you like that” and the woman disagreed because she felt the same way. “No worries, are you from around here?” the woman said with a big smile on her face. The conversation took flight from here as you could imagine. They explained to each other their schedule and were moved because they had been going to the same places but different times for a long time. Already off to a good start, the man kindly said “You wanna go dance?” and the woman happily agreed. 

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After a long night of dancing and laughing, they both went home and without even knowing it, they were looking at the moon. Quietly speaking into existence and giving thanks for the day. The woman felt peace thinking maybe he’s the one. The man felt peace thinking maybe she’s the one.