As weeks and weeks go by, one Friday the man decides to miss his routine stop at the bar in order to go to a birthday party. Because he missed this one Friday, he didn’t spend his money on his casual beers like he regularly does. Having saved this money, he decided to go to the bar the next Friday. Coincidentally, this Friday happens to be the exact same one the woman normally goes to the bar to have drinks with her friends. As night falls, the woman walks into the bar with her friends and leaves them to get something to drink. She sits quietly at the bar apart from her friends while all of her friends gossip and talk about how their week was. The man then walks in and sits one seat away from the woman. They both give each other a friendly smile and go on separately ordering their drinks. After about 3 drinks each, the man feels a bit tipsy and accidentally knocks over his fourth glass of beer all over the counter-top and watches it as it drips down onto the woman’s lap. She stands up abruptly and yells,  “EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”. She tries to wipe the beer off her jeans before it soaks them. The man quickly gets up and tries to help her dry off her jeans. He immediately feels bad and says, “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that, can I do anything to help?”. As the beer seems to be off of her jeans, she jokingly laughs and says “yes, actually, you can buy me another drink for doing that.” He happily agrees and buys her another drink. They end up hitting it off and find a lot in common. They both want to leave the city they live in, have the same type of dog, and enjoy the same movies. The two also open up about why they both chose to go to the bar that Friday night, both explaining that they go there to meet someone new, but have never had the courage to talk to anybody. 

As they continue talking, a loud screech from brakes on a car sting their ear drums. They both look out of the window and see a black van parked sloppily at the front of the bar. Two men angrily exit the vehicle and begin walking to the front door. Before the man or woman could say anything, bullets come soaring through the glass windows of the bar. The shattered glass falls to the ground, and mass panic immediately erupts within the bar. All the customers begin running around trying to take cover underneath nearby tables and behind chairs. Some customers fatally get hit by gunshots, causing them to fall over and screech in pain. The man looks at the woman and tries to grab her hand to run but right as he turns to do so, she gets shot in the stomach. The woman shrieks in panic and pain and instantly grabs the right side of her stomach. She screams for help as blood oozes out of her side. The man looks down at her in shock as an intense terror overwhelms his body freezing him up. She falls down in shock and the man finally runs to her rescue and bends down trying to aid her. He decides to put pressure on the wound because that is what he has seen on his favorite television show. The woman begins crying in agonizing pain and says, “I really don’t think that’s doing anything call 911!”. However, from the chaos still going on in the restaurant, the man is unable to find his phone and begins to panic even more. 

 Suddenly, one of the shooters bursts through the broken door screaming “EVERYBODY GET ON THE GROUND, GIVE ME YOUR MONEY, AND DON’T SAY ANYTHING!”. While the gunman is collecting everybody’s valuables, the bartender climbs behind the bar counter where a shotgun is kept just in case a situation like this happens. As the bartender begins reaching for the gun, he knocks over a glass cup and watches as it falls to the ground and breaks. The gunman looks over and notices the shotgun the bartender was trying to take. He then picks up his rifle and immediately shoots the bartender straight through his skull. This is unfolding right in front of the man’s eyes as he watches in disbelief and horror. After the gunman sees the bartender is down, he goes over to the bartender to check if the kill is confirmed and sees the bullet hole wound in his forehead. The gunman then goes back to looting all of the hostages taking their valuables. During this, the man tries his best to sneak over to grab the shotgun that the gunman happened to leave by the corpse of the bartender. The woman signals to him to stop what he’s doing, but the man ignores her and proceeds to go toward the shotgun. Once he reaches it, he draws the shotgun back and aims for the gunman and instantly pulls the trigger. The gunman reacts quickly to the shots that spread throughout his chest and neck by falling to the floor and gasping for breath. He starts to breathe slower and slower as he takes in less and less oxygen while time goes on. The man drops the shotgun after killing the gunman, but suddenly hears a loud bang. He looks down to see he is bombarded by bullets that pierced his chest which causes blood to rapidly spew out of his body. The woman sees the man fall to his knees and in utter disbelief she crawls over to him to grab the shotgun. Almost instinctively, she pulls the trigger to kill the second gunman that just shot the man. She weakly makes her way over to the man and begins to cry even harder. The two hold each other waiting for help to come, but as minutes go by they are still lying in shattered glass coated in their own blood. She looks over to him as his breathing gets slower and smiles and says, “So much for going out to meet people, right?”. He lets out a light chuckle and looks back at her and says, “I’m just glad I met you.” Finally, the familiar flickering of red and blue lights surround the bar, but it’s too late.