Jason Voorhees is the main character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in the film, “ Friday the 13th”,  as the young son of camp cook-turned-killer Mrs.Voorhees. He has been the main subject of many films and even a video game, over the years. He is famously known for sporting a hockey mask in many of his renditions. He is a serial killer that usually goes around Camp Crystal Lake to take new victims. Jason Voorhees is a monster that is 9/10, he is definitely a monster who’s movies are worth seeing if you are into horror characters and their stories. His fear factor is what makes him such a good monster.

This monster is extremely scary because he can do many things to take the lives of those he is trying to kill. For example, in the game, “ Friday the 13tgh”, he can go around and teleport right to his victims and easily snap the heads off their bodies. He is also very scary because you cannot hear him coming. In many of his films, and the video game, he is actually silent the whole time and doesn’t talk. For many of those who haven’t seen the films or even played the video game, might not know how he came about. In his main storyline, Jason is a mentally disabled child and drowns at Camp Crystal Lake. His mother gets angry at the camp counselors there because they didn’t save him from drowning because they were too busy having sex. So she ultimately goes and kills them. When committing this murderous crime, she is killed in the process by one of the members of the camp. Jason is then resurrected and goes on to kill in the name of his mother, to avenge her death. This causes others at the camp to be very scared of Jason. Yet, no one really knows where came from. This storyline can get confusing, but it is good because it leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewer. The viewer themselves can fill in blanks that might be happening throughout the story. This is great because there is no room for wasted time in over-explaining what happens. This lets the audience be free in creating their own perceptions. 

Jason is a very powerful monster because throughout the Friday the 13th series, he keeps coming back and cheating death. This ties in with Jeffrey Cohen’s thesis number two, The Monster Always Escapes. This is because throughout the movies, Jason keeps on repeatedly dying, yet, he keeps coming back to life in the most strangest of ways. He is never really gone, only for a short time or while. In the video game there are instances where you can shoot directly at him in the face. This would usually instantly kill a regular human being. However, Jason is left immobile, giving his victims a chance to run away. Even though they have a slight chance of survival, Jason is right back at them once he recuperates. As was mentioned earlier, Jason can swiftly teleport right to them after an attack like that. Another way he can cheat death is when the player stabs him directly in the neck. And, as was mentioned before, this would usually kill a human being as this would create severe blood loss. Yet, Jason is left immobile for a few seconds, and then gets right back to killing the camp counselors. This part of Jason’s character is just simply put, badass. There is no one on earth or in past history that can survive such a brutal attack like this. This just makes this monster so much more interesting and fun to watch.  

Jason also relates to another one of Jeffrey’s theses. This one being thesis number three, The Monster is the Harbinger of Category Crisis. It mentions there that “This refusal to participate in the classificatory “order of things” is true of monsters generally: they are disturbing hybrids”. This is relatable to Jason becasue he is so hard to categorize. He was a human before his first death, that being when he drowned at the camp’s lake. However, when he was resurrected, he was still part human, yet he started to have features of other creatures. For example, in the films, in his adult form, he has super human strength, giving him the resemblance of something like the hulk. Maybe not the size of the hulk but, something with savage raw strength. Then later in the series he is resurrected yet another time, only to have leathery skin and a rotten, deformed face. This would give him the look of a zombie. Then later in the films he has the ability to teleport, giving him the power of some type of psychic being. Then finally in the movie “Jason X”, he is given a body made from an extremely durable metal of some sort. Thus giving him the appearance of a cyborg. So even though Jason started off human, his characteristics quickly developed. This would make him no longer human. Yet, this would make it had for anyone to put a specific title on Jason. There’s no real set of defining characteristics for him, only a collection of many. This is a really cool experimentation on Jason because it seems as if throughout each movie, there is a different theme. Maybe in one he’ll be zombie, maybe a space assassin in another, and maybe some possessed demon serial killer. Whatever the case may be, this is really good for Jason because the movies give a lot of content to viewers. They don’t just categorize him to one setting, but it creates diversity and change in his character. This is good because the same old story of Jason doesn’t get over-told too much and get boring quickly. 

So as was mentioned earlier, Jason is definitely a monster of great interest. His story line is fascinating and intriguing. He is definitely a 9/10. There is so much depth in his story line that it doesn’t get boing quickly. There is so much to watch as there are many different sequels, reboots, and crossover films. The video game is also very fun to play. If you have an Xbox, Ps4, or Pc, strongly consider downloading “Friday the 13th”. It is a really gory video game, but it does the story so much justice as it really brings out the true character of Jason. You can either watch his films for hours, or sit back and slash it out in his video game. Whatever you choose, there’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t be disappointed. 

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