Back in middle school, I always wanted to wear skinny jeans. Wearing them would mean I was up there with the cool kids. But I knew that I was way too chubby, and wearing them would be a complete mistake. At the time I was struggling with a common issue known as obesity. An issue that is affecting many people physically and mentally around the world. Obesity can change our looks, lifestyles, and also change the way we feel. It has come to a point where we need to be smarter and more self-educated about the topic. 

Furthermore the term obesity, is described as “a medical condition that occurs when people carry excess weight or body fat that might affect their health.” Many doctors determine obesity in a person by seeing if they have a high body mass index. A body mass index, or BMI, is an important tool that many doctors to determine whether a person has an appropriate weight according to their age, sex and height. In order for a person to become obese, they would have to be doing one of these factors according to the website, “MedicalNewsToday”. One factor is consuming more calories than our daily intake. The extra calories will be stored as fat, and can lead to more weight gain and obesity. For example, the amount for daily calories for men is 2,500, if I were to consume 2,550 I would gain weight “surplus,” and if I would consume 2,400, I would lose weight, “deficit.” Another factor is sleep deprivation, and is when you are not getting enough sleep. According to research from the same website, people who miss sleep have increased the risk of developing obesity. When we miss sleep, our body produces ghrelin, which is a hormone that stimulates our appetite. Lastly, the obesity gene, which is also called the fat-mass and obesity-associated gene. In this gene there is also the ghrelin hormone, and it affects the release of growth hormones and how the body accumulates fat. People with this gene will have a greater risk of being obese, because it can damage the amount of ghrelin we have in our body.

But there has to be a question, on why obese people continue to eat.  According to the “CanyonRanch” website, we like to eat more and more, because we are distracted. We can be watching TV, playing video-games, and we didn’t even realize how much food we had put in our mouths. The second reason is our stress, which can increase our body’s release of the hormone cortisol. This hormone increases appetite and makes us crave for those fatty and sugary foods, which can lead to binge-eating. One day we might show a lack of motivation, maybe because of problems with school, work or even something with our families. The first thing we seem to do is think that eating will make all of our problems go away. For example, a teenager may have stress about an upcoming exam. Instead of studying, he would be seen wandering in the kitchen and constantly eating sugary foods like donuts or ice cream. In another example, a person may have just gotten fired, and now he thinks his life is over. He would drink a ton of beers, eat greasy and sugary food just so he can ignore his crisis. This is what can make someone more adapted to becoming obese, because we are constantly consuming food due to the stress of our daily life.

In addition, obesity can also increase our chances at having many health issues and disorders. According to the website, “WebMD”, obese people are 25% more likely to suffer mood and anxiety disorders than people who are not obese.  When we are obese, we may often not want to enjoy daily activities. An example is someone who is seen as obese, may not want to go to school because people would make fun of him. This is called anxiety, and can further lead to depression. When obese people have anxiety or depression, it makes it even harder for them to lose weight, in fact they would gain more weight. To a point, where this extra weight will make them more likely to have high blood pressure and also high cholesterol which can lead to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. When you see someone who is overweight, the first thing you should do is try to help them. Making fun of them will only make their problem even worse, and self-esteem is important for losing weight.  

Moreover, the ability to lose weight and prevent obesity can be challenging. However, nobody said it was impossible to shed those pounds. Losing weight is not easy, but if you have a plan you will be motivated. According to “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” there isn’t really a solution to obesity but we can promote healthy living behaviors. The first thing to do is to check your body mass index (BMI), which can tell you if you are maintaining a healthy weight. It is one of the most useful and accurate measures when it comes to obesity. Another thing is too eat healthier, which can be one of the most difficult things to do. When we go in our kitchen, the first thing we want to do is eat something sugary or unhealthy. But there is a solution, if you go to the “ChooseMyPlate” website, you can look up nutritional facts of foods, track calorie intake, plan future meals, and also find healthy recipes. This will ensure that you are eating healthy foods, and also tracking what you are putting in your body. Lastly, we have to make sure we are getting a sufficient amount of rest. When we sleep, the essential regeneration processes occur in our bodies, which leads to the human growth hormone. This hormone stimulates the regeneration of body tissues, building of muscle, fat breakdown, and balances the blood sugar levels in our body. 

Obesity is a very serious issue, and can damage a person’s ability to enjoy life. It takes away the foods we enjoy, the clothes we like to buy, and also the opportunities we want to have. Every time we go to the supermarket or restaurant, we have to make sure to realize what we are about to purchase or eat. At first it may taste good, but then we realize what it does to our body. Sometimes it may change our mood, increase depression, or even add weight. When you want to lose weight, remember that it may not be easy at first, but you have to stay motivated. Motivation is the key to anyone’s success, even if it means preventing obesity. 


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