Throughout human history, there have been a many of stories and tales that has told of fearsome monsters. Some of these monsters fictional in nature, some of them lurking in the darkest corners of the world, where only the brave travel. The monster I’m speaking of in this case is neither of previous mentioned. Its something that for many of us, is very close to home and and even closer to the hearts of the American people along with its history. The monster I’ll be reviewing here is one that human kind is coined for inventing. The gun is one of our modern monster that our society has, in more recent years, has red flagged. This wasn’t always the case though.

Most people typically credit the Chinese with the first invention of the gun in the 10th century. They were made out of bamboo or steel tubes that shot flames and shrapnel at its targets. After the invention of what they called a fire lance, the technology spread across hemispheres. It eventually reached the west, where we took the baton and ran far; and I mean really far.

What has changed since the invention of guns? Besides the obvious notion that the landscape of gun technology has vastly evolved, the world around guns has also vastly changed. The culture of nations of all have worked to adapt to the changing environment. This goes along with why people themselves continue to live in their daily lives. On the outside looking in, the world can seem like a lot less stressful of a place to live. Stress is not a new thing for humans but it does come in varying ways. Every individual is different and has a certain way to do things. The world has transformed into a mecca for production and industrialization, and with that comes a tremendous amount of labor. When its a struggle to live in a world that’s moving so quick, it can difficult to acquire some of the basic necessities. For example, according to an article posted by enterprise, “This “housing wage” of $22.10 is nearly $15.00 higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. According to the annual report, a renter earning the federal minimum wage would need to work 99 hours per week to afford a one-bedroom rental home priced at the national average Fair Market Rent (FMR) and 122 hours per week – that is, three full-time jobs – to afford a two-bedroom.” By no means are these statistic trying to completely justify the rate of gun violence in America, or anywhere for that matter! This is to only to give a slight glimpse into the eyes of a someone who has snapped under the pressures of life. Stress in this case could be viewed as the precipitating cause.

In this way we can also correlate this to the monster being a cultural body. The monster being guns of course. The perception of guns has changed drastically in the last century or solely due to media and current events that people tend to directly to guns. Changing views on guns has arisen due to peoples moral codes changing with the times at hand. Reacting to the the emotional uproars of the media and politicians who love to use media to push personal agendas. This has inadvertently turned a once hero to the now demonized and taboo ownership of guns.

Who is to blame, guns or the person holding the gun. The gun is only as powerful as the intentions laid onto it by its wielder. As we’ve gone over numerous times in class, there are tons of scary humans that have spent time here with us on earth, particularly serial killers. Some of the most dangerous individuals to live on earth did not even use guns to kill or harm their victims. Ted Bundy, one of America’s most famous and dangerous serial killers never once used on gun on his victims. Many other serial killers will show you the same truth; if someone wants to cause harm to someone else, they definitely don’t need a gun to do the dirty work. As the Joker from the movie The Dark Knight once said, “Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions. In… you see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are.”

Though our history, guns have always been used for protection, a means for hunting and even as a means to show off technological dominance. Nowadays for many people, its is a symbol of destruction, death and disorder. Most of these preconceptions of guns comes for their use by street gangs or mass shootings here in America. In this paper I aught to provide information and reasoning on why people currently see guns as on of our modern monsters. If death is ultimately what people are afraid of don’t look at the gun in hand or you might miss who’s pulling the trigger. If you take away guns to try solving the violence in America, or again anywhere else for that matter, the real monster will always escape. That is to say, the beast within.

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