When walking around campus, plaza, or anywhere you see people communicating, not face to face but these people are communicating through their phones. With technology advancing at a fast rate, who is to say that technology is going to help so much that we rely on it for everything that it actually hurts society rather than help it. With facts showing that people in this era rely on technology to socialize with other people because they are socially awkward, also kids growing up with technology in their primary years show to be less active, but rather than using technology for all the wrong reasons, technology can help nurture creative talent. Is technology limiting our creativity?

We see people on the daily walking on their phones with their buddies texting each other through their phones rather than look at each other and spit words out their mouth. This is what technology is doing to a lot of people. At this rate people will probably not see sunlight because they will have futuristic robots running errands for them. We have difficulties having normal face to face conversations because our reliance on technology unlike back then when people would go outside and look for those new adventures and enjoy themselves. Technology like ipads, smartphones, video games, and even television is what has replaced our stone age fun. According to the Wall Street Journal, “ A recent Pew Research survey of adults in the U.S found that 71% use Facebook at least occasionally, and 45% of Facebook users check the site several times a day.” Just because they are on this social app it doesn’t make these people social because they are talking to one another through a screen with no tone, and no body language and that’s communicating face to face, but however this statistic proves that people are spending far more time on their phones on social media than face to face conversations.

Students at Connecticut College, about a total of 112 male and female undergraduate students were surveyed about their social skills, technology use, and social anxiety according to Cecilia Brown from The Department of Psychology. They predicted that the participants who took the survey that used technological communication a lot more than face to face communication or prefered it to face to face communication, would have high social anxiety and low social skills and came out to be right. According to Cecilia brown not only people in schools, outside activity, etc employers are complaining about the workers lack of interpersonal communication skills they have, and communication skills have on a rapidly rate to the top of the list of qualities required of employees. At work where we should all be working as a team communicating to one another rather than waiting for one another to say something or just being flat out weird. 

Looking at ourselves and how we grew up in the past, we grew up with our imagination and outdoor activity. Nowadays you see families stop their babies from crying with technology, and these kids aren’t watching Elmo or any type of educational videos. They are watching kids play with toys or watching kids play videogames and this blows my mind to this day. According to The Telegraph children are entering a “tragic decline” from the age of seven, with activity levels dropping from K-6th grade. Kids in this era have come to a “digital dependence”, fitness experts claim it will shorten lives with sedentary lifestyles, which means they will live lives with little to no activity at all. People who live these sedentary lifestyles are often lying down or sitting while engaged with an activity such as television, video games, or their mobile device. Head of ukactive Kids, Jack Shakespeare, said “Physical inactivity is society’s silent killer and biggest tragedy is that it’s creeping up on our children before they’ve even left the playground.” He believes to fix this is a “cultural shift” to protect inactive generation from a lifetime of health problems and creativity. 

Instead of using technology for the wrong reasons because you are bored and want to pass time, technology can be used to be educationally inclined if used correctly. It can be used to be exposed to new things, ask questions, tune in to the right distractions, brainstorming using digital tools, even things like blogging can have an effective way for the development of creative thinking and writing. According to Bentley University because of technology it gives entrepreneurs the power to fund their dreams via group – funding platforms, also gives students the opportunity to learn new skills with professors and classmates remotely. As long as you are maintaining a balanced lifestyle between technology and creativeness outside of technology use, it will only help each one of us to become the best person we can be.

In conclusion, technology is one of the great things we have today in this era and if not used correctly can have us humans live that socially awkward life, even have our kids less active so therefore giving them the possibility to having sedentary lifestyles, but if used correctly can help boost our knowledge on anything we set our minds too. To fix such problems its starts from the parents, will you be the change?

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