Quick Write

Kevin Kelly argues that machines will eventually take over many jobs that we now perform. Depending on how you are looking at this scenario, this could be a good or bad thing. How do you see machines taking over our jobs? Can a machine replace your job?

The Art of Summarizing

Chapter 2 explains how to write an extended summary. We will be working with this today moving into beginning our essays. Careful you do not write a list summary or “closest cliche”. The book treats summary and paraphrase similarly. Keep in mind that you will also be using quotes.

Kelly “Better Than Human”


In small groups, find statements in the articles that explain their attitudes. Find a positive and negative statements from both the Carr (424), “Is Google Making us Stupid?” and Kelly, “Better Than Human” articles.


  • Positive Statement
  • Negative Statement


  • Positive Statement
  • Negative Statement

Nicholas Carr is less optimistic about the future impact of technology. Who do you find more persuasive, Carr or Kelly?



Who are you writing to? Why are you writing to them?

Narrative Structure

Focus on events in your story. What events help you to tell your story?

  • First Event
  • Next Event
  • Next Event
  • Final Event

Do tell us what you went through. Show us what happened. Place us there with you.

Free Write

What literacy are you going to write about? What moment are you going to focus on?


Tell us about a moment in your literacy? Who was there, how did it happen, where were you?


Turn one of the free writes you have written into a longer shitty rough draft.