Quick Write

What is a problem, local, personal, or national, that you would like to write about? Come up with a few.

Proposal Intro

Lets go over the proposal prompt for the first essay.


Lets come up with a big list of problems we can possibly write about.


2BR02B Solution

The proposal asks that we define a problem and come up with a solution that we can implement to the problem. It is important in critical thinking to think thought the decisions. If you come up with a solution, you have to think of the implications it will have. Will it lead to problems in the future? While we may not be able to predict with certainty if it will cause problems, we can think through it and anticipate some possible negative outcomes.

Green Team

Ecological Initiatives to help our Crafton community.

What problems can we tackle in our area?

  • Composting on campus
  • Education on recycling
  • Recycling bins/ small opening
  • Community recycling on Crafton
  • Recycling Signs
  • Require community service 10 hrs
  • Community Garden
  • Social media #trashtag
  • Green Team Club
  • Partner with other clubs, Ecology club
  • Refill Stations
  • Solar Panels
  • Plant Trees
  • Go Paperless

Topic for Proposal: Recycling and Crafton

  1. Is the problem real? First we need to verify if there really is a recycling problem or lack of recycling program at Crafton.
    1. Look around. Are there recycling bin around campus?
    2. Talk to admin, facilities, maintenance, groundskeepers
  2. Research the problem. Learn about the problem to pick a place that we can then try to fix.
    1. Recycling: each of these can be a paper topic for the proposal.
      1. Recycle bins
      2. Education
      3. Refill stations
      4. Money, profit
      5. Money, cost
      6. Green Club
      7. Different types of recycling and programs
      8. Fundraising if need be
      9. Reduce, reuse, recycle
      10. composting
      11. Provide refill bottles
  3. Research Solutions to the problem
    1. Solutions
    2. What others have done
    3. What has been done here
    4. What we need to fix

Obstacles to Critical Thinking

  1. The topic is too controversial.
  2. The topic hits “too close to home.” Personal experience with topic.
  3. The topic disgusts you.

Begin Research

Begin researching the problem you are thinking of writing about. Find at least one source to use for your first essay that helps you to define the problem.

Do not assume that the problem is real! Question your assumptions and find proof from a reliable source.