Rey Rodarte

Professor Ramos

English 101

16 September 2019

A Dog and a Human

Almost two years ago around mid November my Dad and I would take a trip down to Jurupa Valley to go look at some puppies. These puppies were Bullmastiff’s and a Bullmastiff is pretty much a big guard dog, yet they are also a good family dog at the same time. So they are very loyal. Anyways my Dad and I went to this house in Jurupa Valley. It wasn’t a normal house, it was like a big farm house with a lot of land. And when we arrived sure enough this big majestic fawn dog came outside along with the owner. And the puppies were in a crate outside, they had two fur colors, fawn and brindle. Brindle kinda looks like a snickers bar in a way. Yeah I know, that’s a horrible way to explain the coat of a Dog but that is the only thing that popped into my mind. Maybe because I haven’t eaten yet? I don’t know, anyways continuing on with this story of a Dog and…. Me. When we first took a look at the puppies they were all playing together but there was this Brindle puppy that stood out from the rest of the pack and he was in the corner by himself looking like an outcast. Maybe he was the runt of the pack?  And he was a male by the way, which I’m sure whoever is reading this already knew that. But this car pulled up in the driveway while  he was in my hands and he let out these big series of barks. And from that moment on I knew he was my dog. To begin with, my Dad and I didn’t even plan on getting a dog we just wanted to go look. 

We brought him back home, and lets fast forward like two-three weeks from when he first came home, I was taking care of him like 100 percent of the time. Doing everything because it seems like everyone forgot about him and would give him minimal attention which is not surprising. I grew to really love this puppy within the time we had him. So it did not bother me in the first place. Anyways, I named him Moose by the way I thought that was a cool name for a dog. Especially with this type of dog. So two-three weeks in, Moose got really sick. I took him outside to use the restroom because puppies are poop shooters and pee machines. So beware, if you ever get a puppy for the first time it will poop and pee anywhere with no hesitation. So when I took him out it was a very cold night. Out of no where he starting throwing up and pooping like crazy. It wasn’t normal poop either. Panic started to set in and I thought Moose was really gonna die on this cold misty night. I started calling emergency vet places because normal veterinarians are not open late at night. Some of these Emergency veterinarians were not picking up the phone. Except this one place did which I thought was an emergency vet but it wasn’t for dogs it was only horses. The lady over the phone told me he might have “Parvo” which for those who know what Parvo is. Most Likely the puppy is not going to make it. But she tells me of this one 24 hour vet that is in Ontario. So I load up Moose in to my car, and off we go to the vet. I was skirting and whipping like a mofo on the way to that joint let me tell you. Would have gone on a high speed pursuit to the vet I don’t care. Just kidding… Or am I? Anyways we got there. The vets took him in and checked him out. They had to get him from outside and bring in Moose for themselves just incase he did have Parvo. As we walked in a little white dog started barking all crazy. That thing is lucky it didn’t catch a quick fade, and after that little incident Moose was immediately escorted to a room. After like 5 minutes which felt like 30 minutes a veterinarian looking like Dexter’s Laboratory with the long gloves and everything, came in and first checked his gums which were a little pale and can be a sign of Parvo. That had me really worried, then after that Dexter pulled out this big swap stick and applied some sort of jelly on the cotton part. It pretty much looked like Jellyfish Jelly and stuck it up his butt. I felt very bad and sad for Moose after that. The vet took the swap to the back to test it for Parvo. After all, he  did not have Parvo he most likely just ate something he shouldn’t have . I swear I never thought I would care for a Dog like that. Check was fat but your boy was lowkey stacking with the scrilla at the time so it wasn’t nothing you feel me. Plus it was all pure love at the end of the night knowing that he was gonna be okay.  

As of a month ago, Moose got into a fight with a skunk. Guess who won? Yeah shart bomb did. And let me tell you how it all went down. It was pretty late at night, everyone pretty much hit the hay. but I was still awake playing video games with the homies.  We were all playing GTA riding around town wrecking stuff, making people leave the lobby, all the toxic stuff a fellow gamer can think of.  And between the mist of it all I heard rustling noises in the backyard. My room is facing the backyard anyways so I can pretty much hear everything back there. I looked around my room and noticed Moose is not inside my room. Looked in the living room he wasn’t there either. Then I remembered I never put him inside. So I went outside to the backyard to investigate the noise. It was pretty dark outside trying not to trip between my feet. So I used the light of my screen just lightly dimmed to guide me through the backyard. I did not want to use the flash of my phone just incase it was an intruder or a zombie or something weird. Then I hear more commotion going on in the corner of the backyard so I sped up my walk a little, and then I see two black shadows, and hear a growl with a low whimper after that. I then turn on the flash of my phone and see a fat skunk with its butt facing moose tail up and everything, then Moose ran back towards the door that goes into the backyard. And best believe I ran back too, Im not trying to get sprayed by that nasty thing. As I got to the door Moose was going crazy spinning like a tornado only except with his face scraping the floor and the tail up in the air. I then noticed with the flash of my phone he had puss all over his face, Moose looked like a rabid dog with all the foam coming out of his mouth. Then out of nowhere the skunk started running alongside the fence line and Moose went back at the skunk for another round and boom shart bomb hits Moose again more than once. I started throwing random stuff  like dogs toys and wood chips at the skunk. Then I grab Moose by his neck and drag his way inside while still grabbing and throwing wood chips with my other hand to cover my movement so I don’t get hit by this poop shooter.. His fur was wet by the spray, his face covered by the thick foamy skunk spray, and he smelled like the behind of a skunk. Which is not pleasant at all. Turned out to be a pretty bad night and an even worse night for Moose let me tell you. The whole house smelled like a fart funnel for like almost a week. 

Yet this all could have been prevented if I just put Moose inside. It is the little mistakes like that you make as a dog owner that turn into big things. And can be a life lesson as well in a way as it taught me to be more responsible. It takes a lot to actually take care of a dog. So for those who are thinking of adopting or buying a dog be prepared to pick up all the poop everyday or at least every other day, feed it everyday, as well as paying for all the food, treats, toys, check ups from the vet those are usually fat checks so hopefully you love your dog enough, vaccines, and most importantly lots of love. The love from a dog is not replaceable while love from another human is always replaceable. This is an actual lesson I’ve learned over this past year and some change I’ve had Moose. And I can never see myself replacing him for another dog or some petty person.

To this day, he grew into a great dog. Still a little hyper because he is still a puppy in a way. He is barely going to turn two years old on September 26th. When some people say “a mans best friend is his dog” its true. The love from a pet that you really care for is irreplaceable. They can be stress canoes too a homie you can chill with all day and they won’t question you. Its great. I believe everyone at some point in their life should have a cool “pet” of some sort. I don’t even know why I’m calling a pet a pet. A pet is family it should be a law or even part of the constitution that will be tight. Almost like another human being kinda.