In May, I had recently come back from Mexico with my family. About a week of being back I started to feel sick. I had hot flashes which was odd since it was extremely cold and raining all the time, everything, every smell made me nauseous, and I just felt more tired than usual. The people who had gone with us told us that they had all caught a virus from the meat in Mexico. So I thought I had a virus. A couple of days went by and everyone else seemed to have had passed their virus except for me. I continued to feel like shit but now I was throwing up. I couldn’t hold any food down. After three weeks I finally convinced my parents to take me to urgent care. When I got there they had me write down my symptoms and pee in a cup. The nurse sat me in a room with my mom as we waited for the doctor. Finally the doctor came in and the first thing she said was “ Do you want your mom in the room?” I turned back to my mom and said “bye mom” while waving. My mom started to stand when the doctor told me, “Actually the next room over is empty. We can just go in there instead” I got up and followed her over to the next room. She closes the door behind her. “You’re positive” 

One thing about me is that I can almost never take anything serious, especially in the times needed. 

“ Hahaha positive for what?”

“You’re pregnant” 

“You’re joking. I don’t know you well enough for you to be playing me like this”

The doctor looked at me concerned. “ I want you to know that you have options and there are resources out there to help you… How are you feeling right now?”

“I’m okay. I’m fine “I said smiling nervously. I was still in shock. I had been on birth control for a while so how could this have happened?

“Do you want me to tell your mom or what should I say ?”

“Well we just came back from Mexico and there was a virus going around so we can just tell her that. I don’t think you’d want to witness me getting kicked out of my house.” We went back to the room my mom was in and the doctor told her I had a virus but she wouldn’t give me any medicine because it would pass by itself in a couple days. My mom went on about how so many people had gotten sick on our trip. We thanked the doctor and left. 

Right as we were walking out the doors I hear “Do you think I’m stupid, Hazel?” I was confused and shocked that my mom would say that. “Do you think I’m dumb? I know you’re pregnant. I had all those symptoms when I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure if you were but when the doctor pulled you out it confirmed it for me. Does Hugo even know? What are you going to do?”

“Surprise you’re going to be a grandma again”

“Hazel how could you have been so stupid? What are you going to do now?

The tears started to roll out “I don’t know mom. I just found out five minutes ago. ” We got home and my dad asked what’s wrong with me. My mom told him the doctor said I had a virus that should pass in a couple more days. I went straight to my room and started crying. I tried to stop crying and get dressed because I had to go to work in an hour. My mom came into my room and hugged me and told that she’d be there for me to help me. That was big for me because I come from a religious family. Premarital sex isn’t allowed, nor is a baby before marriage. She told me I should call off work but I didn’t want to. I didn’t know what else to do other than continue on normally.

 Once she left my room I called my boyfriend to tell him the news. I couldn’t hold it in. I was crying once I told him and this boy was practically gleaming with joy. He was so excited. He began to comfort me and tell me how we’d be okay and he’d make sure of it. Eventually I told him I had to go because it was time for work. 

I was a wreck at work. I was crying to country music. The time went by so slow. After work, I was picked up by my older sister and asked her if we could go to my other sister’s house because I had something to tell them. They both thought it was school related because i was a week away from graduation. I started off with “Remember when you guys said I’m your little sister and that you’ll love me forever? Yeah okay I’m kind of going to need that now because I’m pregnant” At first they said they weren’t surprised because they had both recently had dreams of me. They started to give me advice and tell me that although what I did was wrong they would still love and support me the same as they always did. 

 The time finally came to tell my dad. I was extremely worried. My dad is an old-fashioned, extremely religious Mexican. I expected him to yell and scream at me telling me to get out of his house (he always told my siblings and I that’s what he’d do if a situation like this ever happened). I had both of my sisters and my mom there with me when I planned to tell my dad. We were all afraid of how he might react because he had anger issues and this was big news. He had just come home from work. He went straight to my nieces to play with them. My mom told him “we have something to tell you… well Hazel does.” I tried to get the words out but I just couldn’t; I started sobbing. He looked at me concerned but when my mom told him the news his face went blank. He calmly got up and walked out of the house. After walking around the streets for a while, he came back to the house. Everyone was still there, in shock to his reaction. He sat down in front of me and told me how hard it must be for me and that he’d do anything he can to help me with everything. He said goodnight and went on his way to sleep.

It’s been four months since and of course it has still been difficult but the support I have received from my family and my boyfriend is incredible. Despite coming from a religious, mexican family they still try to help me in whatever way they can. I was lucky enough to find a boy who helps, supports, and encourages in every way. This whole journey has really helped me appreciate the support I have in my life and appreciate the people in my life in a whole new perspective. I was truly blessed and I cannot be any more thankful for all of it.