Abel Gaytan

Sefferino Ramos

English 101 CNTL-136 Section 60

16 October 2019​

Artistic Drama a continuation of “Never Marry a Mexican” (Cisneros)

A calling from the Hallway “Clemencia, Clemencia, Ah Comer” as a nurse came into the room. Clemencia I see you’ve finished your painting for the day the nurse said. Oh how lovely that you have painted some of us from the staff. We do need to clean up your supplies and put things away. Dr. Drew let me know that he would be giving you your medication at dinner time today, so please go wash up and get ready. Clemencia looked at her painting, winked at her young boy, put down her glass of water in her wine glass and told him she would be back. She walked to the restroom to wash up she found herself a bit confused at first wondering why was Ximena pretending to be a nurse, and why had she said “Dr. Drew”? She was thinking that she may have to confront her sister and ask her what was going on. Soon she had washed off her arms, face, and quickly forgotten about her confusion with Ximena. Clemencia headed back to her room. Her room was like the room of a 10 year old girl. When walking out of her room she took a glance at the picture on the night stand next to her bed, she knew the face of her Papa and Mamma, and at that moment she knew then where she was. Clemencia said to her Papa I love you, and just frowned at her mom as her smile left her face. Lately Clemencia has struggled to see where the line is, you know to see what is real and what is not.

Ugghh! Clemencia said, I just hate when the kitchen serves Enchiladas with rice and beans because the truth is that the girls in the kitchen are not even Mexican. They don’t even speak Spanish. I think they are serving us beans from a can, “frijoles de lata” Just as she was making faces at the food Dr. Drew came by leaned in at her bench and said with a charming smile “Clemencia how are you feeling today, do you know who I am, do you know where you are? Clemencia replied “yeah, I’m fine”. Dr. Drew then said I have the new medication that we had discussed in our last chat. I need you to take these and we will meet tomorrow afternoon.Clemencia had been wondering mostly so she could pull off her part of the show and pretened to be cured,, so she asked “What exactly do you think is wrong with me doctor? What are you trying to fix? Dr. Drew leaned in and said quietly to Clemencia “ we have talked about this before, we are working on helping you with what we call Geschwind Syndrome , and possible Schizophrenia kind of like that artist we talked about Wolfli’s he “…used the reality of the outside world as a source for his fantastic and ornate artistic drawings” (Park). Dr. Drew handed Clemencia 2 pills, they were soft, and bright colored and looked a bit like gummy bears, but she knew they were not candy. Clemencia knew better, she winked at Dr. Drew in a flirtatious way, and like a magician she put the pills in her mouth, and took a big drink of water to make Dr. Drew believe she had taken them. What the doctor failed to realize is that Clemencia was smarter than him, and what she did is put the pills under her tongue. Dr. Drew being satisfied with what he saw, he smiled, patted Clemencia on her shoulder and said very good as he walked away. Right away she picked up a napkin and spit the pills out and put them in her pocket.

​The following day Clemencia was awakened by the sound of what sounded like a hammer driving a nail, but to her surprise it was a gavel banging. She found herself waking at the front of a courtroom, How could this be? Clemencia got up to see a courtroom in her bedroom, kind of embarrassing for everyone in the room to see her in her pajamas still, so she did what she could as quickly as possible to put her hair together and look as presentable as one could with such short notice. The judge called Clemencia to the stand and there was a prosecution team there like a pack of wolves just waiting to pounce and bite. They asked her if she would like to confess, confess to what she did they screamed! Clemencia did not like this situation, she stood up, raised her hand to her side and said, your honor I have done nothing wrong, legally that is, as she looked at the starving wolves as they were beginning to retreat. She continued and said what proof do you have, and if you do not have any proof, I demand that you leave me alone. The judge told her that she had been hiding gummy bears, we are not sure where, but we know they are missing! Those in the courtroom looked around at each other, and knowing they had no evidence of where the gummies had gone, the people in the courtroom with their hands and shoulders shrugging the judge dismissed her and told her to go on with her day.

​Clemencia frustrated got back to her morning routine, taking a shower, brushing her teeth. There was some mumbling to the mirror as if to say “can you believe those guys, Accusingme? For what?” Just before leaving her room the young boy on the easel beckoned Clemencia and told her to come close so he could tell her a secret.. and so she listened and the boy said, I have been watching your crush and smash your medicine. I seen you add them to our paint. Clemencia leaned into the painting and said to the boy “I created you from spit and red dust”(Cisneros 75). Clemencia then let out a deep and loud laugh, like a crazy lady.

​Like a light switch, Clemencia turned from the boy as if nothing had happened, she thencontinued with her day, and decided that today she would start a new masterpiece, a clean canvas. She knew exactly what was next, Clemencia grabbed her brown paint and began to paint large guitars, as big as buildings, and the people out in front of these guitar buildings stood as tall as guitar strings waiting for their maker to strum them, to make music with their lovely existence.

Guitar Blvd – Artist Abel Gaytan

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Gaytan, Artist Drama “Strumming People”