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Chp 6 Skeptics May Object

Chapter 6 introduces a different sort of “they say”: the naysayer. The naysayer, or counterargument, appears after the conversation and after you have made some points. Including what the objections might be helps you make a more thorough point and adds credibility to the writing.

Be careful to treat the objection carefully and fairly. Do not present a weak argument or a simplification of it because that can lead to a number of fallacies including the Strawman fallacy.


The book offers suggestions for including the Naysayer or Skeptic.

  • Anticipate Objections
  • Entertain Objections in your own writing.
  • Name the Naysayers.
  • Introduce objections formally or informally
  • Represent Objections Fairly
  • Answer Objections
  • Make concessions and stand your ground.

Playing the Role of Naysayer

We are going to be working in small groups. Before that, answer these questions.

  1. What is the topic or thesis of your research report?
  2. Have you anticipated the naysayers? List the people who have a say in your topic.

In groups, take turns stating your topic or thesis. The other members will take the role of a naysayer and give their objections to the argument and give themselves a label.

Audience you are writing for:

  • Expert
  • Novice
  • Peer

Michelle Obama Commencement Speech

What argument is she making?