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Annotated Bibliography

Let’s Get Technical

Emily J. Lyon

Crafton Hills College

N.A. “5 major moments in cellphone history”. CBC, 2013.

This article highlighted the important key points of cell phones throughout history. One of the most memorable moments was when the first iPhone was invented. That is what entirely launched the increased usage in technology. I will use this in my report by emphasizing the importance of how technology has evolved our lifestyles. This site is pretty reliable because it is a fairly recent post from a news source.

Savvidis, P. “Top 6 benefits of using technology in the classroom”. Webanywhere, 2019.

This article discusses the several advantages of having technology in schools. The majority of the author’s reasoning is that it improves the learning and participation for students. I am planning on incorporating this source in a slide mentioning the benefits of utilizing technology in classrooms. While this is not an article from a university, it does not take away its reliability. This website is directly driven towards education. It is also relevant to the topic at hand because it is a recent source of information (made in 2019).

Smith, C. “Benefits of technology in the classroom”. Youtube, 2016.

This video explains the wonderful ways technology can benefit both students and teachers in the classroom. The narrator summarizes that technology encourages classroom engagement and also helps teachers produce fun, easy lesson plans. I wanted to use this in my report because it’s important to have an outside opinion that is not as formal as online articles. The reliability for this is very reliable because it is a grab from another individual’s point of view. More specifically, one that is not seen as very biased and forced as a peer reviewed article may seem.

Study International Staff. “Lack of access to technology at home impedes student learning – study”. SI News, 2019.

This article posed a third side of the argument: people without access to technology. These individuals are not able to pose an opinion on either side because they cannot test the argument without the source. I will utilize this article in my report to further strengthen my argument and allow for different perspectives. This article is reliable because it is taken from a recent educational site.

Teachthoughtstaff. “5 problems With technology in classrooms”. Teachthought, 2019.

This article described several downfalls to introducing technology in schools. The main points that were made was the idea of the distrations created and the lack of face-to-face learning/interaction. The article is useful for the powerpoint I am creating because it represents a different point of view. This will only strengthen the validity of the argument. The article is also reliable because it is made in 2019 and it is a website dedicated to education.