Rey Rodarte 

Professor Ramos

English 101

13 November, 2019

Tragedy in Hong Kong

From the many tragedies that happen around the world, past or present. Many are not aware of them and why they are caused. Starting in February of 2019 a bill was proposed by the Hong Kong government to allow the transfer of criminals to mainland China and other lands. Many feared China would have greater influence over Hong Kong. Leading to unfair trails and unfair treatment. Starting in June, hundreds of thousands of people would gather and band up starting the protest in Hong Kong. Chaotic clashes with protesters and police would become frequent by the day. 

Not only individuals like protesters and police are suffering from the protest, but businesses are suffering and going downhill ever since the protesting has risen. The start of 2019 was already a bad start for businesses in Hong Kong. “Insurance claims related to arson, vandalism and loss of business due to anti-government protests may have reached nearly HK$600 million (US$76.5 million)” (Enoch Yiu). Protesters have targeted banks, businesses, and The Mass Transit Railway (MTR). Fires have been set to entrances of all different stations of The MTR. Along with property being vandalized. “The MTR alone may seek HK$100 million as it has borne the brunt of protesters’ ire” (Enoch Yiu). Another approximate HK$400,000 Million will be used for other claims being filed related to business interruption. Which covers banks, hotels, and shops. For about two days, The Hong Kong International Airpot was shut down. Hong Kong within those two days lost around US $76 million estimated to be around HK$594,900,000 million. “Since the airport contributes around 5% to Hong Kong’s GDP, any disruptions are bound to reduce the special administrative region’s economic growth for the year” (Morrison). Tourist and business travelers are now keeping away from Hong Kong. Visitors from China make up three quarters of all visits to Hong Kong. “In 2018, the Hong Kong government found that 1,530 multinational companies had established regional headquarters in the city. Of these, 290 were American” (Morrison). Since the start of the protest companies and businesses whose Headquarters are based out of Hong Kong now plan to move somewhere else. Which will dramatically effect Hong Kong GDP (Gross Domestic Product) since it was a nice environment for many multinational businesses and companies 

Behind the scenes of the Protest. Many have been injured and even killed from both the police side and the protester side. Since June 9th, as many as 1,235 people have been injured. Many believe way more people have been injured but have not seek for help at hospitals. “A practitioner who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and is not affiliated with Hidden Clinic says she alone has treated 60-80 patients, some with multiple wounds from tear-gas canisters and other riot-control projectiles” (Leicester). Since the clashes escalate day by day, medical professionals have come together to form the Hidden Clinic. Members treat the injuries of many protesters who fear arrest if they go to a government hospital. “The Hidden Clinic says it has clandestinely treated 300-400 protesters with an array of injuries: broken and dislocated bones, gaping wounds and exposure to tear gas” (Leicester). On November 11th a police officer shot at protesters at close range. Protesters approached an officer with one of them holding a metal rod. The officer then drew his revolver but the protesters continued to approach the officer. “the officer fired a single shot, hitting one protester in his right abdomen. The officer then fired another two shots as two other protesters tried to intervene. Those two shots did not hit anyone” (Lahiri) While the one shot was transferred to the intensive care unit and remains in critical condition. 

Now, The Extradition Bill has been withdrawn backed by China announced by Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam. Hong Kong protesters released their five demands in July. Amnesty for arrested protesters. Which is an official pardon for people with political offenses. For the protest not to be categorized as riots. Universal suffrage in elections for the city’s chief executive and legislature by 2020. And set up an independent committee to investigate the use of force by Hong Kong police. So far Lam has refused to meet the other 4 demands the protesters have expressed. “Instead, she announced the addition of a former education bureau chief and former judge to the IPCC. Lam said the government’s priority now was to restore law and order to Hong Kong” (Griffiths). Still to this day protesting still continues. And as of recently Hong Kong Police have tried to siege the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), but has failed. CUHK is classified as private property and the police force can not officially enter the campus without a warrant. 

With Hong Kong still in shambles. It is now becoming more frantic and dangerous as non-lethal force is turning into lethal force. And protesters still continue to demonstrate their beliefs with excessive force. Businesses are still in decline and are still being vandalized. Many still fear for their life and the world still has yet to see what happens in the final outcome. 

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