Outline due next Monday. Will count as your rough draft.

Since campus is closed till 4 pm today, Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, class is cancelled. Here is a lesson to help you plan out your causal analysis essay.

First, you need to research your monster. The weekly journal this week asks you to locate an article on your monster and summarize it. Find one that provides good background information. Don’t use Wikipedia, find a good reliable one on the Crafton library database. Look at Credo Reference and type  in your monster.

Second, write an outline for your monster. Use one from below or come up with your own. If I was writing this essay, I would use this sample outline.

Remember, do not do Ed Gein or Frankenstein. Pick your own monster to try and understand. It can be the same monster as last time, or a new one.

  1. Causes of Ed Gein
    1. Thesis, three main cause that led to Ed Gein.
    2. Intro to his crimes
  2. Background on what he did.
    1. Dug up bodies and made stuff out of them.
    2. Monster theory 5 helps us understand his monstrosity.
    3. Killed 2 women and used them to make stuff
    4. Monster theory 3 and 6 help us understand this.
  3. First Necessary Cause
    1. His deeply religious up bringing that taught him to fear and hate women.
    2. Example and quotes.
  4. Next Necessary Cause
    1. His psychosis that made him think he could raise the dead. He needed bodies for this.
    2. Examples and quote from the documentary.
    3. How this is different from normal people.
  5. Precipitating Cause
    1. His mother’s death, led to spiral into digging up bodies to replace her.
    2. Examples and quotes.
  6. Reciprocal Cause
    1. After the dead bodies were not enough. This led to escalation. He killed the women.
    2. Example and quotes.
    3. Example 2 and quotes.
    4. Led to his capture.
  7. Conclusion
    1. Summary of the main causes leading to the monster Ed Gein.
    2. So what? Why does this matter?

Causality Outline

Write an outline for your monster. As you are researching, note the causes and or effects of your monster. What do others say? Do you agree? Find examples and possible reasons why.

The outline will count as your rough draft due next Monday. Please email me  if you have any questions or need any help. Below are some notes to help you figure out the Causal relationships and emphasizing causes and/or effects of a monster.


Understanding Causal Relationships

Causality: the relationship of cause and effect

You should identify the types of causal relationships on your charts (you might use different types of arrows, different colors, or simply labels to show what kind of cause is being mapped).

  • Necessary Cause: any factor that must be in place for something to occur.
  • Sufficient Cause: is a condition that always produces the effect in question.
  • Precipitating Cause: the proverbial straw that breaks a camel’s back.
  • Proximate Cause: nearby and often easy to spot.
  • Remote Cause: may act at some distance from an event but be closely tied to it.
  • Reciprocal Cause: you have a reciprocal situation when a cause leads to an effect that, in turn, strengthens the cause.
  • Contributing Factors: add to the causes to bring about the effect.

1. Emphasizing Causes

Cause asks:

  • Why did X happen?
  • Why does X happen?
  • Why will X happen?

Example: Why did Ed Gein kill those women?

  • Cause 1 – ____________________________
  • Cause 2 – ____________________________
  • Cause 3 – ____________________________


  • Event – ______________________________


2. Emphasizing Effects

Effect asks:

  • What did X produce?
  • What does X produce?
  • What will X produce?

Example: What impact did Ed Gein have in pop culture? or What is the lasting impact of Ed Gein?

  • Event – _______________________________


  • Effect 1 – ______________________________
  • Effect 2 – ______________________________
  • Effect 3 – ______________________________


3. Causal Chain

Cause > Effect 1 > Effect 2 > Effect 3

Example: Ed Gein > Psycho novel > Psycho movie > Slasher Films > Silence of the Lambs

Causal Analysis video