John Robinson
Professor Ramos
English 101
Naive talk will not change the world
“We can not change the world with only naive talk, the only people who kill should be those prepared to be killed themselves. When there is evil in this world that justice cannot defeat. Would you stain your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or would you remain steadfast and righteous, even if it means surrendering to evil?”(Lelouch Vi Britannia) We live in a world where we would rather stand by and watch evil thrive while we live on our knees and do nothing, we refuse to stand up and take action. While evil is dependent on an individual’s point of view look at the human side of it. How much blood must be split before we no longer accept the bloodshed. How many children do we have to lose before proper action is taken to prevent school shootings? How many innocent children must we lose to bombing in countries we don’t even know the names of? The very war on terror and drugs created only more terror and drug availability and a lot more wide spread. We watch evil go day by day and do nothing, do we stand back and stay just to trust the system or is it time that we the people stand up and change the system. “Everyone thinks that they are the hero of their own stories”(Handsome Jack) ,however, there is a need to become a greater evil in order to defeat evil. Becoming that evil means we will not be seen as the good person to those trying to defend their beliefs, but we will be improving humankind for the better.
While many would see the phrase become a greater evil to defeat evil let’s first clarify what this phrase said by Lelouch Vi Britannia really means. Lelouch is not stating that he himself is evil, that he will be seen as evil to a side that he is trying to change for the greater good of the world. Lelouch was a prince of Britannia who was stripped of his noble rank and was exiled to Japan where he lived in secret and had to remain in hiding in threat of his assassination. Lelouch lived in a very oppressed world where his resident country of Japan was invaded and stripped of its title and re branded with a number, Area 11. The Japanese were stripped of their name and honor. Those who did not bow down to the might of the Britannia army were shunned and shoved into the ghettos, while those who bowed their heads and allowed evil to reign supreme were granted the title of an honorary Britannia. Lelouch saw an oppressed people and witnessed the horrors of Britannia and his father Emperor Charles Vi Britannia.
Lelouch swore to one day obliterate Britannia with the help of the Japanese people he did just that. To those oppressed by Britannia Lelouch was a hero, while to Britannia people he was viewed as an evil person for fighting back and changing the outcome of the war Britannia declared on the world. He became the greater evil in order to destroy an evil that was oppressing the world. We see similar examples to this in our own history with the civil rights movement, to people opposed to equal and fair treatment the individuals pursuing this equality were seen as evil and mocked, shunned, murdered, and publicly humiliated. With leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. we too were able to become the greater evil to defeat the evil we were faced with.

While we may not be faced with the same scenario as Lelouch, we are faced with the death and massacre of many people around the world. In the United States children attend classes, however there is a new agenda that is pressed and ingrained into their educations, School shooting drills are now a normal activity for all students to participate in. Sean Graves, a 15 year old student went to school like every other day, except this day was important, Sean had to pass an exam this day or he wouldn’t be able to test for his drivers permit. Sean sat down to take his test. He passed and headed to the cafeteria for lunch, It was here when he heard shots ringing through columbine high school. Looking through the hallway Sean was quickly met with a spray of bullets. Sean was shot 6 times, 5 times in the abdomen and the last bullet into the spine. Sean was never able to take his drivers test. Now we train our children drills on how to hide or wait out for the shooter to leave. Why are we teaching our children how to hide in these situations instead of eliminating one part of the problem. The United States has the second amendment which allows its citizens the right to bear arms, This amendment was instructed to be in place for a well armed militia to fight back against a tyrannical government, however there is a lot of gray areas with this amendment, the people of the United States need to start putting the safety of their child just attending school above their ammo therapy. If we restrict the access to the most common firearms used in these shootings maybe we will see a different result. The Washington post database confirms that since 1999, 236,000 students just like Sean will have experienced, survived, or been massacred in school shootings. Twenty years later and we still have these scenarios where children are faced with a life or death situation before they have even lived to the age of 18. According to the San Diego Tribune roughly 11,100 years of human life has been cut short and ended from these shootings. How many kids like Sean must experience having to live in this constant fear before we step up and change for the safety of our children? While many will argue that there is a mental health issue what are we doing to tend to these issues? We need to establish real counseling where students can come to theme comfortable, we need to not dismiss children’s emotions so easily and allow children to build up emotions, everyone is blind to the warning signs until it’s too late.

The war on terror and drugs resulted in only an increase in further skyrocketing the number of terror attacks and the amount of power the drug cartel. According to the Texas national security review, the amount of terrorist attacks that have occurred since September 11th 2001, has raised from 2000 up to 14,000 attacks. The United States has been a been a main contributor to the war on terror, however the united states remains just and stands by following the rules and regulations that have been established against an enemy that doesn’t not care or follow the rules of engagement. These enemies to the war on terror known no rules, hide behind civilians, and use terror tactics. The United States also established a war on drugs which only lead to the rise in the drug cartel and the dis arment of the Mexican civilian population. With the rise in both terrorism and the cartel the united states is fighting a losing war by staying just and following the rules of engagement which puts the country at a disadvantage. The solution is to eliminate these rules of engagement to neutralize the enemy that allows themselves to rule through terror.
Lelouch saw the wrong that Britannia was doing to japan, just as they would see the wrong in us losing our children to school shootings, terrorist attacks, and from drug cartels. Lelouch stood up for what he believed in and changed it, will you do the same? Will you become the greater evil to extinguish evil or will you allow yourself and children to be put in further harm’s way simply to just live on your knees and allow evil to thrive. Stand up for what you believe in and do not let evil thrive, become the greater evil and become a hero for justice.

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