Weed, devils lettuce, chronic, gate way drug are just some of the many names for Marijuana. Many of these names have a negative connotation to them, much like the negative outlook that today’s society has on Marijuana. Even though there is a negative connotation associated with marijuana, the Marist College Institute of Public Opinion has revealed that over 52% of Americans have tried marijuana in their lifetime and 44% who tried it continue to use it. Weed has an immense amount of benefits but for lack of understanding this drug it is illegal or has strict regulations in many states. Personally, it has helped me and many family members with life changing health benefits. Since I have witnessed the positive advantages of marijuana, I believe that it shouldn’t have any laws or restrictions that prevent from a lifetime of benefits.

I haven’t always been a on the marijuana train, in fact I only recently started smoking weed. I would socially smoke on occasion for fun, but it wasn’t until my mid twenty’s that I used it for health reasons. Coming home after long fifteen-hour workdays seemed like the best part of the day because that meant sleep. Well sleep wasn’t what my brain had in mind. I would be drained from my day and wanting sleep so bad, but my brain wouldn’t shut off. I started taking sleeping pills to help me sleep, but it wasn’t enough. I would have to take more and more in one night just to be able to dose off. I wanted to switch to a more natural remedy, so I started taking natural sleep aids, but after a while it was just like the sleeping pills. I was having to take so many a night just to get my eyelids to stay shut. I was asking everyone I knew for advice on ways to help me sleep, and not to my surprise many suggested smoking marijuana. I didn’t try at first because I had smoked in the past at parties or in social settings, didn’t fully understand how it would help me. The sleepless nights kept coming, so eventually I caved and started smoking before bed. I was getting the best sleep of my life because weed was helping me fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep deprivation is a serious health issue that can cause lack of alertness, impaired memory, relationship stress, and a greater likelihood for a car accident says Dr. Harneet Walia a specialist in sleep disorders at Cleveland Clinic. If weed can help with those who have sleep deprivation, then why is it heavily restricted and against the law? Smoking weed for sleep helped me avoid all the problems that sleep deprivation can cause. Weed doesn’t cure sleep deprivation but it helped me when sleeping pills and natural sleep aids could not.  

Not only is weed helpful for sleep it can also be used for inflammation and pain relief. Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti has dedicated his life studies as an immunologist with researched focused in studying the effects of marijuana for patients who suffer from cancer and autoimmune diseases. In his research he has found that cannabinoids suppress inflammation and types of cancers that have cannabinoid receptors can be killed by marijuana. It is impossible to believe that a substance that mother nature has produced and has been proven to help serious diseases is still illegal. Some states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use, but it is still seen as a substance 1 drug to be controlled by federal law.  Since it is a substance 1 drug it is immensely difficult to use in research studies that can prove health and wellness benefits for marijuana consumption. “My personal view is that no society or government should deny people with debilitating diseases an opportunity to lead happy and healthy lives using a plant made available to them by Mother Nature just because healthy people will likely abuse it,” (Nagaratti). Though it seems like marijuana will never see the praise it deserves the FDA has approved marijuana in treatments for cancer patients to help subside nausea and vomiting. This is only the beginning to make marijuana legal, but still seems impossible for easy access.

The health benefits are endless but a major factor that could sway a supreme court is money. In the past you couldn’t get weed from a dispensary unless you had a medical card. Even with a medical card it was still hard to find a dispensary because of legalization issues. Within the last ten years it has become legal in many states and medical marijuana is legal in many states as well. Since it is legal and able for purchase you can bet that there is a taxation on marijuana. The taxation that each state sets for weed can greatly help the economy rise. “A study published last year shows there is $2.40 in economic activity for every dollar spent on legal weed (Adams).” If weed can help the economy while also helping with health problems, it seems to be a double winning situation. America is slowly catching on to the benefits of marijuana state by state. Hopefully soon it will be a nation-wide epidemic that not even a supreme court can deny.

The major health benefits for marijuana are undeniable and should be brought to light and not taken lightly. With cancer being so dominate in our society we should look to a natural growing plant like marijuana for help. Mother nature gave us gift and instead of embracing it we have turned it down and made it illegal. Marijuana should not be illegal in any state and all laws and regulations should reversed. For the health and safety of humanity just say yes.   

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