Quick Write

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  • Yes you can pick any monster except Ed Gein. It is up to you to explain and define the monster.
  • If you want feedback on an email please email it to me with Feedback please in the subject line. Send me a word doc.
  • Investigate your monster to find either the causes or effects. You need more than one.


Jeopardy! Game Board

  1. Pick a monster or category of monster.
  2. Come up with three relevant categories and arrange them from most to least interesting.
  3. Write five facts about each topic, in increasing order of difficulty. From common knowledge to specific and advanced knowledge.

Pick two categories from:

  • Monsters
  • Monster Theory
  • Movie Monsters
  • Causal Relationships
  • Serial Killers
  • Other ?

Third category is your monster.

For instance, say the category is “Monsters.” The easiest clue might be, “Something that is big, ugly, and frightening. The answer, phrased as a question, would be, “What is the definition of a monster?”

For instance, say the category is oil and natural gas “fracking.” The easiest clue might be, “This is the technical name for ‘fracking.’ ” The answer, phrased as a question, would be, “What is hydraulic fracturing?”

A much more difficult clue might be, “The presence of this gas has been linked to flammable drinking water near fracking sites.” The answer, phrased as a question, would be, “What is methane gas?”

The progression from general to specific, easy to advanced, should help you see that any issue has many lines of cause and effect to be investigated. We want to make more complex and interesting lines of inquiry.

Type up your answers and questions into a word doc and submit on canvas. I will work on making this into a game we can all play.


I made a Google Sheets Template you can use.

Monster Jeopardy Template

Make a copy before you can edit.