You are a detective investigating a monster.

Captain: Detective, I need your findings. We are starting the trial on Monday and we need to put this monster away for good.

Detective: Yes sir. I will write up my report and have it on your desk ASAP.

Captain: I need you to outline why the monster did this. We need solid evidence that we can present in court. Enough to convince the judge to take this to trial. For each cause, I need convincing evidence that the judge will not be able to dismiss. It needs to stand up in court.

Detective: I will outline my findings and have it on your desk first thing Monday morning. This monster will not get away.

Captain: Here is the form. Make sure to fill it out completely so that the case can be closed.

Monster Outline Form Due Monday

Developing your Essay

  1. Present a reasonable thesis statement.
    • Make it logical
    • Make it supportable
    • Don’t use absolutes, instead use
      • may be
      • a contributing factor
      • main reason
  2. Limit your discussion to recent and major causes or effects.
  3. Organize your essay clearly.
  4. Convince your reader that a causal relationship exists by showing how the relationship works.
    • Use specific details and examples to show the relationship.

Monster Jeopardy! Game

Here is a Google Sheets Template you can use.

Here is a nice Jeopardy Game board I found. Make a copy in order to edit.


  • Submit the Monster Outline form by Monday class time. You can also type and upload on canvas if you prefer.
  • Watch Jocko Podcast first 7:30 minutes. We will talk about this next class.