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102 Critical Reading and Purpose

Quick Write

Imagine that you live in the time of Star Trek. You do not have to worry about making money to buy food or shelter. Everything you could ever want is now taken care of.

What would you do now? What would you want to be? What would you decide to do with your time?

Deliberately Target Your Purpose

Thinking is always guided by purposes. Your purpose is whatever you try to accomplish; goals and objectives.

Figure out what you are after and how you are seeking it. Does what you do match with what you want to accomplish?

Examine personal goals, economic goals, academic, and social goals. Make a list of important goals and determine whether you find inconsistencies in them.

Ask yourself, what am I trying to accomplish? Is this purpose realistic?

Chp. 2 Critical Reading

Active Reading


  • Author: You can discern information from the author or the author bio.
  • Place of Publication: may reveal subject, style, and approach.
  • Title: May give an idea about the text.
  • Context: Consider the situational conditions the text was produced.
    • Context of production
    • Content of consumption
  • Skimming: Pay close attention to headings and subheadings. Look for the Thesis.
  • Thesis: The main point or major claim

The First and Last Rule

Authors place main points of emphasis at the beginning and ending of essays, paragraphs, and sentences.

Reading with a Careful Eye

Underline, highlight, or annotate the text. Read for the main points, or important points. Do not highlight everything.

Read with a purpose. Read to understand, question, and analyze the text.

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