Specific Research Questions

The topic or issue will help narrow down what you can research for your report. A specific research question will help focus your research to a specific area.

A broad question like “What is global warming?” is way to big to write about and try to research in our time allotted. Plus, that one has already been answered. A better, more narrow question on this topic would be, “How does global warming affect the California shorelines?

This research question narrows down a broad topic and connects it to you. If you are a Business major, you might want to ask, “What are carbon credits, and how might they affect the California economy?” This question connects your interest or topic to your major.

Report Purpose and Topic

Answer questions.

Review what is already known about a subject.

Report new knowledge.

Topic Brainstorm

Brainstorm and search  for two to three topics you would be interested in learning more about for your Report. It can be anything that you are interested in. Comment below with your list when you are done.

We will compile them into a big list to provide more ideas for people to research. 


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