The Art of Quoting

According to the book, what is the purpose of a citation?

When is the use of a citation appropriate?


  • China is the largest nation in the world.
  • A McDonald’s Big Mac® has 550 calories.

Why do these need support? Where can you find it?

Citation Competition

Using the citation hunt printout, find the claims that Michael Pollan makes in his article “Escape from the Western Diet” [p. 420].

  1. What does Michael Pollan mean when he refers to the “Western Diet”? Why dies he believe Americans need to “escape” from it?

Complete the rest of the printout finding important claims and evidence from the rest of the article.

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industrial food

Revise Rough Draft

  1. Theses
  2. Claims, They Say
  3. Assumptions, I Say
  4. Evidence, Quotes, Facts
  5. Quote Sandwich

Quote Sandwich

  1. Introduce the quotation p. 46
  2. Quote, relevant
  3. Explain Quotation p. 47

quotation sandwich

Quick Write

  • Why are citations important?
  • How did you find support for the claims?
  • Is it wrong to not cite sources?  Why or Why not?
  • How would you feel if your ideas or work were used without giving you credit?


Write or Revise Your Draft, email me your copy for the draft points by Wednesday class time.