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Posting to WordPress

What you need to do to create a post on WordPress

Essay Organization

Tips for organizing your essay

  • Brainstorm ideas, outline, bubble chart
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Intro, body, conclusion
  • Freewrite and notes, pick best ideas
  • Write rough draft, then organize it
  • Basic Outline to begin
  • Branching, web, mind map, bubble chart for brainstorming
  • From the heart
  • Make sure each point flows into the next, use transition
  • Ask for advice or opinion, peer review
  • Research or know topic
  • Understand what your being asked to do
  • Understanding the prompt/assignment

Using Images



Why you should use images in your posts. Tips for finding images.

  • Google, bing, yahoo
  • Google images
  • take the photo yourself
  • social media
  • draw it yourself
  • topics, related words, keywords
  • use quotes for better search
  • reddit
  • memes
  • gifs
  • reverse image search for better image
  • add text to your image
  • make a collage of images
  • relevant, funny, imaginative