Nicholas Carr is the author of “Is Google making us stupid?” , in it his opinion that Google is making us stupid. He starts his blog by talking about the movie 2001 odyssey. He states how the computer is artificial intelligent, and how this might be our future. He goes forward with showing the reader how there were people in the past that technology feared, and felt was going to make people stupid.

Ydownload2et he feels that he might just be an old man worried about technology. “Maybe I’m Just a worrywart” (Nicholas Carr pg326). He also states that people in the past were also afraid of technology. “In Plato’s Phaedrus, Socrates bemoaned the development of writing”(Nicholas Carr pg 326). ” Midvale’s employees grumbled about the strict new regime, imagesclaiming that it turned them into little more than automatons, but the factory’s productivity soared’ (Nicholas Carr pg 322). This includes the industrial revolution with its way to make manufacturing easier, Along with the invention of the mass printing.  He also states that writing and reading is not natural. “Reading, explains Wolf, is not an instinctive skill for human beings” (Nicholas Carr pg 317).

Carr also goes over that in a few years since the television was invented the time spent on reading went down. With the age of the Internet people have begun reading more. Yet than states that the reading done now is different. Then states that this is not the same reading done in his time. “Thanks to the ubiquity of text on the Internet, not to mention the popularity of text-messaging on cell phones, we may well be reading more downloadtoday than we did in the 1970s or 1980s, when television was our medium of choice”(Nicholas Carr 317).He also states the Internet can be used for research purpose, but people just scheme the passages. “Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski” (Nicholas Carr pg 315). He then quotes that he is not the only one that does this. “They found that people using the sites exhibited ‘a form of skimming activity,’ hopping from one source to another and rarely returning to any source they’d already visited”(Nicholas Carr pg 316).  He states that this information comes from the University College London. In the end Carr tries to state he might be wrong but then states another quote from 2001 odyssey when he states that the super computer is more human than the person in the movie. “… people have become so machine like that the most human character turns out to be a machine”(Nicholas Carr pg 328). He states the whole robot thing, because he believes that Google is trying to build artificial intelligence. “…speak frequently of their desire to turn their search engine into an artificial intelligence, a HAL-like machine that might be connected directly to our brain” (Nicholas Carr pg 324). He talks about how the future might become, with technology. “Still, their easy assumption that we’d all ‘be better off’ if our brains were supplemented, or even replaced, by an artificial intelligence is unsettling”(Nicholas Carr pg 325). He also talks about how technology is affecting us now. “As people’s minds become attuned to the crazy quilt of Internet media, traditional media have to adapt to the audience’s new expectations”(Nicholas Carr pg 321). He gives out examples like how magazines and newspapers have to shorten their passages. As well as how television programs add pop-up ads, just like on the internet.

Yes it is possible that Carr might be correct that some technology can harm us just like the A bomb or other weapons, yet so far technology has made the world more connected than divided. It has let the people communicate, and allow for more thoughts to be recorded. Allow it easier for anyone to read history or look up any fact. Allowing the masses to learn and study any subject that they want. With the touch of a screen, or button, and even just good old paper people can learn anything or connect them to the world. In my opinion Google does not make people stupid. It is a tool that anybody with internet can use. Research for classes has never been so easy. If I want a question answered I can just search it up online and have it answered. Just like if a certain store is open, or if the weather is going to be bad or good.  Just like mass printing was a tool for the people in the past. Mass printing let the common man communicate and learn about his or her world. Carr states that it might be his fear of technology, like the people in the past that also feared new and upcoming technology.  He talks about how technology can affect the future. As well as how it affects the present, how people view entertainment and media itself.  If Google is used for the right thing it can be a great tool. It can be a teaching tool or just something used for fun. Technology like Google has connected so many different kinds of Medias, including television, radio, and books. It gives a great way to let people communicate with the world. Allowing anyone with access to Google to have knowledge, and even let them give their own

Yes it is possible for people to skim over passages, but that is not really bad. They still get the information, they as the people can still get the information when they need. Just like the days of yesteryear people went to library and to the books to get information.  This is what exactly mass printing gave to the world. Mass printing helped people learn things they ever would of back in the day. People were concerned that this might cause people to not remember history. Yet, because of this even the average day Joe can learn history. Since the invention of mass printing people, where able to learn what religious books really said? This helped the public school systems, letting people learn the past of the world. As long as people learn how to use these tools people would use them successfully. If people are taught how to do professional research when needed, they will. Just like when people are taught how to read and write in grade school.


People in our time still read and learn, even if they do write in a new form. In the end people just like Carr are afraid of change. They do not like or they are afraid of it;or really enjoy the past. This in my opinion is a big problem in the world today, because it causes people to not look at the future with goodness. To see how technology can make the world a better place.



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