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What David Freedman was responding to the reader in his essay, “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” was how David talked about “being at one fast food restaurant and made a balance between their calories in one of their smoothies and how much it may be, and the cost of it.” (506). Versus how another restaurant food place had the same exact type of smoothie but with lower prices and lower calories in it, but tasted like celery and smelled like lawn clippings and is really good for you, also how long one took over the other, but yet, one was way tastier then the other smoothie, a nasty smell and taste vegan smoothie versus a tasty smoothie juice combination. As he wanted the reader to see the difference from a junk food experience. An example that Pollan said on the other side of the Conversation on junk food is that “companies from fast food industries made people go to fast food places and get more obese was that “companies, mainly from fast food industries, put more fat, sugars, and salt making people more addicted to it and pushes us more on the contributing side towards obesity.” (508). Then to rather go to healthier place with less of these products in them. One argument he pointed out was the fact on Michael Pollan on the, blame the industries and companies for making us fatter and turn to the obese side of this situation. “Putting in a bunch of fats, sugars and junk products within the food products that make us eat more and gain more.” (508)

            Freedman’s theory of going to a fast food restaurant to get some smoothies that may be really tasty, but are more expansive, more calories, and takes forever is true to the point to readers on fast food places versus healthy restaurants. However, he said there are vegan types of restaurants have healthier and cheap smoothies, but does not taste or look good, this is extremely useful because it sheds the light on the difficult problems that people want to go to the place that has better smoothies and has all of those sugars and fats in them that are so addicting in them, you would want to have more and more, but in the end it is just getting people towards being obese and very sick from them. When you look at the different types of places that sell this or this that can be tasty then the other, no matter what, people went to the junkier and better smell and taste, people never pay attention to the fact that the junk food they go from McDonalds is more expensive and take forever, When you can just go to a place that may be closer to you and like Freedman says, “be a quicker time, less expensive cost” (507) of just some kind of smoothie, that is healthier for you and makes you more stable in health, rather than making you get more obese then what you could be right now.

            My response to Freedman’s essay was based on the path towards all of his true and correct responses when he points out about the difference between a right and wrong place to get a smoothie drink. Whether you want to be healthier, then to going to McDonalds and getting a non-healthy more of a cost of a smoothie, but it tastes so good that people want to go to get some. I agree on the facts from Freedman’s information, but have a positive side from what Pollan was saying about blaming the companies from fast food industries. I am on Pollans side when he wants to respond and argue to, is that we are to blame the companies when they like to put in more junk products for our enjoyment, but also our body getting obese and sick from all of the junk fast food companies give to their restaurants, based on what he said “companies will push those buttons until we scream or die. Even though Freedman disagrees with Pollans argument on blaming the industries, I would say Pollan has a point that this is a major reason on wondering why we the people are getting obese in this world and love to go to fast food restaurants just for their expensive smoothie. These are a calling sign to us readers from Freedman to react on what we eat, and the choices we make, like he said when he went to two totally different restaurants, and drink one healthy drink for you versus the high calorie tasty drink. Also from what Pollan was arguing on blaming the companies from fast food places, giving us heavily high calorie food that we cannot stop eating.

            Something that goes towards what Freedman was saying like going to two different places with different drinks or food, is like when I for instance go to a market and see some organic foods that look different compared to foods that look nice and taste amazing, but I don’t realize that it may have more calories in it, then to an organic, and the prices of them. This may affect my body and I do not realize what is bad for me, but I buy it all the time at the store, to something that is organic and does not have any sugars or junk product in it, in which case is a very healthy habit for my body.

This whole case about Freedman arguing that there are ways to eat healthier and spend less, and for us to realize what is best for us, and what is the right thing to do, to guide yourself to healthy habits. We the people need to do like what Pollan did and focus on which place may be the healthier and less of cost, so that we can enjoy what could make us happy and more reasonable on, so that we may also not turn to the obesity side, going too fast food places all the time and waste so much money, on something we can either make ourselves, or even go to a healthier more organic place and get the same thing that could be better for us, but one person cannot change this, the government needs to step in and stop industries putting junk ion fast food products, so that we may have a healthier life if we go to McDonalds and get a low calorie, low cost smoothie.