chubby_chipotle_ad         David H. Freedman talks about obesity and the evils of fast food and how they havent  been checked for the several things that they do such as put to much salt, starch, and sugar. He also explains that they should try to teach the people the eviles of industrialized food.  He also mentions that the industrial food chains should be replaced with foods that are fresh, unprocessed, and seasonal. Whole food chains have answerd severial questions regarding fast food and they said to reject fast foods in favor of a return to natural, simple, nonindustrialized whole foods. The points that freedman puts in his article are great and something I completely agree with.

            I agree with Freedman’s view that fast food does push the button a little too far on the salt or sugar that they put in food. Big food chains will push the limit until someone says something. If we don’t tell or do something about that the big food chains will keep doing it and won’t stop until we scream or pop first. They don’t care how badly it affects us because all they really care about is the profit they make so it’s up to us the people to stand up and tell them they can’t keep doing this.  We also have doctors, celebrity chefs, and scientist, food activist, and pundits telling us how terrible fast food is for us as well.

            It’s time we take a stand and stop these big business and allowing them to keep pushing every little grain of salt onto our food and every drop of syrup to drip in our drinks. Its time we check these big businesses or replace them with whole foods. It’s a must that we educate the people on the dangers of industrialized food and the dangers of processed food as well. Processed foods don’t only contain a lot of salt they it could also give you cancer. Several news have covered the topic of fast foods and they have discovered that processed foods can lead to cancer and other problems as well.

            It’s important that we replace industrialized food with healthier foods and drinks or we must make it a priority to educate the people in the dangers of fast foods and why it’s not the best. We also have to teach the youth and tell them why it’s important to stay away from fast food and bad it can really be for them. Not many people know about the chemicals that’s put in the burgers that they buy and how many of it is acutely meat and how much of it is just random left over meats. Not many people know that processed foods can lead to cancer and other problems.

            “The FDA has reviewed and about 70 percent of the ingredients found in the food, permitting the rest to pass as ‘generally recognized as safe’ by panels of experts convinced by the manufactures.” (Freeman, pg.519) Only a small amount of the food can be considered safe and we are expected to just take a chance and eat it. If no one knows what in this food then how does we really know how much of something is actually in this food and how do we know it’s even good for us or safe. How can we be sure that the things found in the food will not affect us in the long run and if it’s not going to harm us.

            In most people defense they say it’s hard to get good healthy food. The markets sell many verity of foods and many of them sell it for very low prices. What you can get at jack in the box is what you could have spent to make a simple chicken with greens as well. It does take time but it’s a healthier way to eat instead of eating a 1,500 calories in one meal and it’s possible to save more money because what you don’t finish in one day you can eat the next and even save on money.

            It’s tough to be healthy and it’s hard to make the right choices at time but in the long run it’s always better to be safe and just make you own meals. This is why I had to agree with Freed man because it’s time we take a stand and check these big food companies and show them that they can’t just feed us as much salt and sugar that they want. We also have to educate the people and tell the ne dark side of the big companies and the risk we run are self as we keep eating all the fatty food like substance they try to give us