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In Zinczenko article his main idea is that it is not the eaters fault. It is more of the companies’ fault. He sympathizes with them because he was like them when he was younger. Children are having are hard time because that is all there is around them. Fast food places are almost on every street it seems. It is hard to eat healthy when a lot of factors do not help that make with your eating habits.

That children and teenagers are not able to have a home cook meal. Especially, if their parents could be working a lot and not be able to afford to buy a healthy meal. As they get older they get used to eating unhealthy foods, and most of them probably would not change their habits.  Which can lead to diabetes Zinczenko states, “Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country.”(p.463) Which increased from five percent after 1994, and health care cost became 100 billion a year. Showing that children are not eating right. Companies do not provide enough labeling or warning about their food. Most companies advertising are directly towards children. Although I agree with Zinczenko, he overlooks some point that he forgets to mention like exercise and personal reasons.

People lives get consumed with jobs and other things that they do not focus on how healthy they should be keeping their bodies. It is peoples’ responsibility to decide what they consume. However, choices become very limited due to over pricing of healthy foods.  Even when people choose a healthier option it may have a lot of calories with the dressing and other items people add on. When children eat, it is not entirely their fault because their parents are the ones feeding them. It is cheap and quick which most parents like because they are in a rush. Money and jobs become a big factor because people focus on that then what they put in their own bodies.

Children do not really know much about nutrition, so that is why people should be taught more about nutrition and what goes in their bodies. Teach them that they need to take care and protect their bodies that is why they need to eat healthy. Learning that at a young age will help them understand and have healthier eating habits. However, companies need to learn to take responsibilities just as much as the consumer because they do not put enough warning about their food as they seem like they do. They know that it can possibly affect their profits which they do not want.

Money has become the real issue here. Today’s generation has been all about money like their life depends on it. People do need money to survive in this world. People cannot buy anything without it, and no one would give anything without receiving something in return. People have become selfish and it would not change unless we all do something about. It all connects companies’ profits and people suing them all for money. I agree that companies should be more open to what is in their food and how much is in it because it lets people know and if they still choose to eat it then it is their choice. However, I do not totally agree that it is entirely the companies fault because people should know to an extent that a certain food is not good for them. Suing companies is sort of crossing the line because they still choose to eat there often. It is too far to sue a company because people suing are just trying to get money out of it. I agree that companies lack information but disagree that people do not really ask for information so they cannot blame the company. Without asking for what people know what they should ask for.

Choices are made some may not be the best choices but, people cannot help themselves when they are hungry or craving something. I personally believe that it is one’s responsibility to know that it is their choice. That they should not blame anyone but, themselves because they choose to eat there and kept going. People should be able to admit that it was their fault to keep going or cut down by not eating too much fast food. Maybe even eating portions of their food so that way it is not a whole lot of calories that are serve. To help solve this problem people should teach children at a young age about food nutrition and what is good for their bodies. Teach them to make good choice by choosing right foods and exercising. Companies should be wary about their foods information because these are people’s lives.

Sometimes people become addicted and cannot help themselves which is understandable. They crave it and cannot control their eating habits. Also, people use eating to cope with emotional problems. There is a lot of factors that lead into bad eating habits. I sympathize with those people because it must be hard for them to deal with certain things and food probably helps them forget their problems. However, I do not know everyone’s issues every person is different. Though they still should know that eating fast food should not be a way out or an excuse. However, I should not judge because I occasionally go eat fast food too even knowing it is not healthy. I believe it is our body and our choice to do what we please but, we should be protect our body and make it strong. This article has some good points but, there are multiple reasons including.

I agree with Zinczenko but, he does not mention other big factors. It is important to include these factors because we do not know what every person is feeling or what their or dealing with. Every single person is different and there are many more reasons that are mentioned. However, mentioning the big reasons could help. Society needs to teach people about our bodies and fix the pricing and show people to care about others rather than money.