Subgenres of Report

The report can be in any style or format that you think best suits it. If you choose to do a PowerPoint, that is your report. You do not need to write a separate report, the PowerPoint should have all the information on it. Here is a list of possible choices:

Is College Worth it? Readings

We read Charles Murray’s article, “Are Too Many People Going to College?” and Sanford J. Ungar’s article, “The New Liberal Arts” for today.

What does Liberal Education mean? Locate a passage that helps explain it.

What are some of the main points discussed in the Murray article?

How does Murray answer the question he poses?

Consider the seven misperceptions in the Ungar article, which have you heard and which do you agree or disagree with?

  1. Liberal Arts degree is a luxury families cannot afford.
  2. Liberal major graduates have a harder time finding jobs.
  3. Liberal arts is irrelevant to low-income and first-generation students.
  4. In modern society one should not study only the arts.
  5. Liberal Democrats ruined the country so we should not indoctrinate our young.
  6. The USA is the only country still clinging to liberal arts.
  7. Higher Education is too costly and liberal arts colleges are not innovating to help.

liberal education quote

Chapter 7, Who Cares?

Who are the people that care if college is worth it? Who has a stake in the matter?

Now, write down you major topic or sub-claim. Brainstorm for five minutes all the groups who have a stake in your argument.

So What?

Free write for five minutes on why these groups care or why the topic matters.

Template To Use:

I’m _______________, and this matters to me because_________________ . . .

Speed Topics Activity

Read someone your topic and they will tell you who has a stake in the matter. This is a great brainstorming activity. If it is not obvious why someone cares, make sure to explain their stake in the matter.

Quick Write

Draft a paragraph, introduction or conclusion, incorporating the so what? and who cares? factors. You will be able to use this for your draft.

This is important because ___________ . . .

This report will benefit _______________, because _____________________. . .