Hey everyone, hope you are having a good Spring Break. Just have a few changes that I wanted to bring to your attention.


Since we pushed back assignment 2 (essay 2), the Report, I updated the class calendar accordingly. Here is the revised schedule:

WEEK NINE 3/20 and 3/22

Read Chapter 8 (“As a Result”: Connecting the Parts)

SANDRA CISNEROS Woman Hollering Creek [p. 1-56]

Write: Monday Due first draft of Assignment 2 (1,000 – 1,500 words); HW5 Summary/Response to “Eleven” 1 page

Wednesday Assignment 2 Due – Post on Class Blog; HW6 Summary/Response to “Woman Hollering Creek” 1 page

(HW means Homework)

5:00 PM Class

We are having an observer on Monday 3/20. You will have a survey to fill out and it might push back some in-class work we will be doing.

If that happens, we will finish up on Wednesday.